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Are you ready to step into your divine power and connect with your intuition?

Hi! My name is Sunny and I'm on a mission to help you connect with your intuition and spirit guides in a way that is no-nonsense, easy and fun. I want you to be able to take charge of your healing and personal growth journey!

Meet Sunny Sink, Certified Health & Life Coach

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In Sunny’s darkest days she couldn’t imagine being known for her optimism. After 4 miscarriages, 2 ectopic pregnancies, lots of grief, and other loss, she felt overwhelming hopelessness.


Over time, she came to recognize that she was not broken, and that the universe was out to support her in feeling whole.


She embarked on a personal growth journey that tapped her back into her own unique energy and place in the cosmos. Now she’s committed to helping others on their journey. Sunny teaches a no-nonsense easy approach to Tarot encouraging you to learn as you go!


Get Your Daily Dose of Tarot

I offer Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Daily Meditation and various spiritual growth tools to help you in your own spiritual growth journey.  

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Connect with me on TikTok for DAILY meditation & FREE Oracle Card Pulls. Come and meet beautiful fur baby who pulls tarot and oracle card readings!

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The first tarot training that will help you to read tarot confidently in less than 30 days/without memorization

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I offer Private & Seasonal Tarot Card Readings along with Private 1-1 Coaching Sessions to help bring clarity to your current issue so you can move forward with confidence.

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“ Thank you Sunny Sink for bringing my life back, I feel alive inside again. Sunny has taught me to calm my nerves, center down and enjoy life."

Wendy Lynn Wilson

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