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Unlock the Magic of Tarot

Tap into Your Inner Wisdom for Personal and Spiritual Growth with Tarot

Hi! I'm Sunny, and I'm here to empower you with practical tools to connect deeply with your intuition and spirit guides.


Together, we'll demystify tarot and make it accessible, enjoyable, and effective.


My mission is to equip you with no-nonsense techniques that you can easily apply to take charge of your healing and personal growth journey.


Let's embark on a transformative path where you'll gain insights, skills, and best of all - results!

Meet Sunny Sink, Certified Health & Life Coach

Sunny Sink Tarot Teacher and Coach

Meet Sunny, your trusted guide in the world of tarot.


With a passion for empowering others, Sunny is dedicated to helping individuals unlock the magic of tarot and tap into their inner wisdom for personal and spiritual growth. As an experienced tarot teacher, Sunny brings a no-nonsense, practical approach to the table, making tarot accessible, easy, and fun for everyone.

With Sunny's guidance, you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, where you'll learn to connect with your intuition and spirit guides in a tangible way. Through tailored instruction, Sunny equips students with the skills and insights needed to confidently read tarot, interpret card meanings, and unravel the symbolism behind each deck.

But it doesn't stop there. Sunny's mission goes beyond mere tarot reading skills. With a focus on personal healing and growth, Sunny encourages students to take charge of their own journey. You'll gain practical tools and techniques to navigate life's challenges, make empowered decisions, and embrace your authentic self.

Join Sunny on this empowering adventure, and embark on a path where tarot becomes a catalyst for personal transformation. Discover the magic of tarot, unlock your inner wisdom, and embrace a life filled with clarity, purpose, and joy.

Get Your Daily Dose of Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

I offer Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Daily Meditation and various spiritual growth tools to help you in your own spiritual growth journey.  

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40-Min Personalized Session

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The first tarot training that will help you to read tarot confidently in less than 30 days/without memorization

Just $7/mo

Learn how to deepen your spiritual connection and trust the guidance that is available to you. This will help you trust your decisions and move through the world in confidence.

Unlock your tarot potential with this exclusive 1:1 coaching session, tailored for beginners!  You'll get expert answers to your tarot questions, receive personal guidance for your learning path, identify and overcome any obstacles and gain a clear action plan for progress.

Unlock your intuition and overcome any obstacles with this 30 minute session.

Get expert guidance on unlocking your intuition, identify and get a clear action guide for progress. I also guide you through a intuitive meditation to help unlock and activate your third eye.

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“ Thank you Sunny Sink for bringing my life back, I feel alive inside again. Sunny has taught me to calm my nerves, center down and enjoy life."

Wendy Lynn Wilson

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