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    Connect with Libra Energy to connect with cultivating relationships!

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    30 min

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    3 Private Intuitive Sessions to help you connect w your creative power

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Tiyah M. 

I highly recommend a reading from Sunny. She did a pregnancy reading for me and it was absolutely beautiful and so reassuring to know what my pregnancy journey looks like. She also offered a meditation session to help me connect with baby and it was wonderful!

Emily S.

The Fertility Reading was great! Sunny was super respectful of my situation and more than willing to help me through my struggles with my fertility. She made me feel like I was family or a close friend. Didn’t make me feel like a number. Every single thing she said was 100% accurate.

Emily H.

Yesterday I had the most amazing experience during my appointment with Sunny.  I found that I have a subconscious block... and know that it's why I've not been able to conceive.  It was a true eye opener that I never knew I needed.


Emily concieved on her next cycle and had a healthy baby!

Libby B.

If you are ready for a baby working with Sunny is amazing! She is an amazing instructor! She gives you the tools to use and is there for every step of the way.  She assures you everything is ok.  Doing this program helped me dig deep within myself.  I am now back to my old self and I see the positive in things. If something goes wrong I now look to the bright side!

Crystal A.

Sunny's support and encouragement during pregnancy loss has been a blessing to me! I highly recommend her on your fertility and/or miscarriage healing journey!

Cherokee T.

Sunny is so amazing to work with. She encourages you to go further than you would on your own, and she makes you feel important; BECAUSE YOU ARE!!!