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“I have learned so much from Sunny, through meditation, the universe using her as a conduit for Oracle pulls, and personal readings to speak to me, but I've learned how to get back to the things that truly make my soul happy, and I have began living my life authentically ever after, and I am so thankful to the universe, Sunny for the guidance that I have needed“

A private tarot card reading with me is a great way to open energies to bring insight to any issues or obstacles that are preventing you from making decisions and moving forward.  I offer personal tarot readings to help you in an area of your life that may be holding you back.  You can even have my beatiful fur baby, Calcifur pull you oracle cards.


When I am reading tarot cards, I use my intuition to guide me as well as psychology clairvoyance and the energies that surround us.  As your Cosmic guide and tarot reader, I will guide you with practical suggestions for you to think about so you can use them and release the negative energies that are preventing you from moving forward.


All sessions will be delivered over Zoom, so all you need for your card reading is a quiet room and have access to a screen.  After you have booked your session, you will be sent your unique zoom link.