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Aquarius Season: Authenticity

Aquarius Season is the perfect meeting of freedom knowledge, and community. This energy

shapes and changes the world. Aquarius Season brings us inspiration, illumination, and a glimpse into the future.

This is a great time to break out of conditioned patterns and feel into ur authenticity and truth.

What patterns and beliefs are you ready to shift?

Connecting with Aquarius Energy

Aquarius is actually an air sign, which means it deals with air-related concepts from a macro-perspective. The Aquarius is undoubtedly the most innovative, progressive, rebellious, and humanitarian sign.

During this season we are focusing on the things listed below to help us achieve our life's work.


Aquarius season is all about leaning into authenticity!

Sometimes we wear a mask or behave in ways that are inauthentic in an effort to fit in or gain acceptance from others. We want to be liked, respected, and even admired. Start to realize that when we live from our truth, people are not rejecting us. We are actually being misunderstood. Some people may feel threatened by our truth. Their rejection, if any, comes from their own fear and has nothing to do with you!

As you step into your authenticity your frequency attracts a new tribe! Notice people that support you and give you a sense of true belonging. Be aware of red flags - like people who do not fully listen to you or just assume that their ideas are best. Notice when people act in ways that make you feel small or unimportant. They are likely not supporting the authentic you. Limit your exposure to people who feel out of alignment and start to spend more time with people who feel aligned!

Wearing a mask around someone for fear of rejection?

Are you acting from a pattern that doesn't feel right for you anymore?

Here are some things to help you lean into authenticity:

  • Listen to your intuition

  • Release the fear of rejection

  • Find your soul tribe

  • Authentic expression


Your intuition can tell you a lot about how authentic you are being in the moment!

Have you ever gotten the feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone asks you to come to a social gathering... and you don't want to go but you say yes anyway?

Or you know you want to go to something but you say no because of other responsibilities?

Your gut is always talking to you! What do you do to honor your intuition?

Where do your beliefs come from?

It's time to ask yourself....where do your beliefs come from?

Do you hold onto things for far too long because you were told that if you let go of things that you are a quitter?

Does your kitchen have to be spotless every night because you were taught that if it's not that you were a lazy slob?

The beliefs that give us such a hard time are most often passed on from someone else.

Authenticity calls for the acknowledge and honoring of what is real for YOU.'

Maybe leaving the dishes one night means that you valued time with the kids over a clean kitchen?

Take some time to tune into those beliefs that no longer feel authentic.

Who's voice is that?


It's time to call in your soul tribe! Here's a couple things that may help you call them in!

Shining bight at the authentic YOU!

Being crystal clear on the friends you'd like to attract.

What qualities do you look for in a friend?


Here are some affirmations that will help you during this season.

  • I am perfect in my imperfections

  • I nurture and care for my needs

  • The truth of who I am shapes collective consciousness

  • I call in my soul tribe now

Connect with Aquarius energy!

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