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Aries Season: Your Soul's Journey

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and ushers in the next twelve months. It's the sign of fresh starts, new beginnings, and fiery optimism. This energy helps us take the first steps on a new journey and gives you courage to reinvent yourself!

Aries season brings energies of motivation, excitement, and change. Allow yourself to feel the full potential of your life and decide which direction you will take this next astrological year.

A gift of Aries season is to align with the soul's mission. Aries reminds you that you have a journey this life that can be walked only by you. When you fulfill that mission, you will feel content and at ease. When you ignore the mission or don't take steps to find it, you end up feeling frustrated, restless, and even depressed.

When you align with this mission, you take on Aries's higher vibrations and wake up each day ready to greet any challenges that come your way with courage and conviction. Aries teaches you that life will bring us obstacles and hurdles, but although it isn't an easy path... you can break through limitations and overcome them.

This season you will take steps to discover your soul's mission and start or continue walking that path!

One of my mentor's once said... "Our purpose is to come ALIVE!!!!!"

I love this because when we feel alive and thriving we know we are headed in the right direction of purpose and fulfillment.

Throughout this season really focus on tasks and activities that make you feel alive and connected.

Take risks this season and notice if you begin to align with the lower vibrations of Aries (anger, frustration, and restlessness) You can battle these by aligning with your soul and mission.

New Beginnings

When you know your soul's mission it's important to take the first step. Even if you've taken these steps before!

Think of the beginning of Aries season and the beginning of the astrological year as a new beginning for you and your mission?

Sometimes taking a new step or the first step is difficult. Make a plan and find the courage to take one step then another. Don't forget.. there are no missteps...only lessons. What's your first step?

Start Over

Sometimes after you begin... you have to start over again. We may have something expected come up, and we may run into blocks along the way.

When it comes to following our mission there could be many factors at play if things aren't working out the way we planned. Maybe the timing wasn't right. Maybe the method.

Stay determined in finding a way to make it work. It may not look exactly like you had originally planned but that's to be expected!

Remember that this is your life's mission, and you have plenty of time to figure it out.

Has anything come up that makes you want to start over again?