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Astrology: Aspects and Planets

Astrology: Aspects and Planets

Hello Cosmic friends! In this post I will be talking about planets and aspects. If you haven't downloaded the FREE tool- the Astro Guide, you may want to now as it explains all of this and more in greater detail and makes a great reference tool.

First off we will start breaking down the planets and their meanings. Each planet carries and represents the following energy.

Sun: Ego, Identity, Authenticity, Pride, Expression.

Moon: Subconscious, Intuition, Emotional self, Magic.

Mercury: Communication, Individual Mind, Intellect, Reason.

Venus: Beauty, Love, Pleasure, Material prosperity.

Mars: Warrior, Vital Energy, Action, Sexuality, Ambition.

Jupiter: Expansive Growth, Higher Thinking, Luck, Abundance.

Saturn: Boundaries, Time, Initiation, Cycles, Responsibility.

Uranus: Awakening, Change, Revolution, Innovation.

Neptune: Oneness, Dreams, Hope, Creativity, Fantasy.

Pluto: Letting Go, Power, Transformation, Psyche.

Now we will be talking a little about the aspects. This is how planets relate to other planets in direction and location.

Conjunction 0 degrees: Planet energies blend together and are intensified.

Square 90 degrees: Difficult facing challenges to balance out the energies of planets involved.

Opposition 180 degrees: Detatched energies. Balance through integrating the opposite energies.

Sextile 60 degrees: Harmonious energies, slow down, rest, and enjoy yourself.

Trine 120 degrees: Must be same element. This creates harmonious grounding energy.

Retrograde: Appears planet is moving backwards. Indicates a time for slowing down and working on those energies within us.

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