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Astrology: Signs And Themes

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Astrology: Signs And Themes

Hello Cosmic friends! In this blog post we will be talking about Signs, themes and numerology and what all of that means!

Here is the Astrology Wheel designed to show you all of the signs and their placements. This is also a very handy reference tool that you can print from my FREE Astro Guide .

First we will go through all of the astrological signs and their themes.

Aries: Purpose, drive, courage, stamina, self- actualization.

Taurus: Presence, steadiness. comfort, physicality, luxury.

Gemini: Communications, Ideas, relations, decisions.

Cancer: Intuition, family/home, emotions, nurture.

Leo: Heart, creativity, self-worth, ambition, intimacy, courage.

Virgo: Healing, service, efficiency, presentation, order.

Libra: Justice, balance, exchange, relations.

Scorpio: Subconscious, depth, sensuality, transformation.

Sagittarius: Knowledge, expansion, movement, travel.

Capricorn: Structure, stability, logic, work/finances.

Aquarius: Collaboration, mentality, community/society.

Pisces: Flexibility, subconscious, dreams, feelings, physic ability.

Next we will talk about numerology, and the meanings behind the different numbers.

One: New beginnings, opportunities, potential.

Two: Balance, Partnership, duality, choices.

Three: Initial achievement, acknowledgement, growth, groups.

Four: Structure, foundation, stability, manifestation.

Five: Conflict, change, challenge, instability.

Six: Communication, harmony, cooperation, adjustment.

Seven: Reflection, spirituality, ambitions, discovery, knowledge.