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Cancer Season Mantras

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Cancer Season Mantras

Cancer season is a watery sign and offers you that chance to slow down, be patient with yourself and replenish yourself. Cancer season is all about self love, self care, boundaries, joy, and self acceptance.

Here are some mantras for you to use for Cancer Season... - By Sun Sign!

Libra- I allow myself to feel uncomfortable for the sake of expansion

Scorpio- I take breaks as I explore my inner psyche to better understand how I want to feel

Capricorn- I allow myself time away from work and commitments to enjoy self care and allow myself to feel my feelings

Aquarius- I practice radical self acceptance by embracing my emotions which leads me to finding my most authentic self

Aries- I challenge myself to face my emotions and move through internal blocks preventing me from aligning with my soul's mission

Taurus- I soothe my worries with the water of cancer as I expand in my patience and ability to go with the flow

Cancer- I explore my emotions and give myself the gift of self care. I am open to guidance and I let my intuition create a life to support how I want to feel

Leo- I tap into self love and acceptance to step into deep vulnerability to stand into my truth

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Happy Cancer Season!