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Capricorn Season: Soul's Purpose

Capricorn season is the perfect time to focus, gain clarity and set intentions for a new year. This season gives you the opportunity for grounding. This energy helps you feel centered, clear and ready to handle all of the challenges life throws at you. With the right focus and determination, you can accomplish anything! Tune into abundant possibility for happiness and alignment during this season. What. decisions do you need to align with what's most important to your soul?

Connecting to Capricorn Energy

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. It is at the start of the winter season and it initiates in us a feeling of survival. Capricorn is a sign of responsibility, capability, status, and business. During this season we are buckling down with a sense of determination that helps us achieve our life's work.

Below you will find some tips for connecting with and aligning with your soul's path and life's work!

Soul Path

Capricorn season is the perfect time to find and begin to align with your soul's path. Finding our life's work can sometimes take years...and so many of us are not encouraged to follow that path. Finding and following that path requires focus, resolve, and commitment.

Capricorn season encourages you to carve out the time and space to go inward to start exploring what would light you up.

Commit this season to spend time alone in your energy. This can be through meditation, nature, yoga or a creative process that helps you tap into you!


Finding and connecting with your life's work is all about tapping into your creative passions. See your work as an extension of your heart and soul. Here are some things to help you connect in:

  • Daily Meditation

  • Space set aside for creativity

  • Weekly Self Care

  • Explore new areas of creativity

What helps you feel happy, aligned, and one with your soul?

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Finding your soul's purpose may feel easy, or it may feel hard.

If you are having trouble getting connected to your purpose allow for experimentation.

  • Take on new hobbies

  • Take a new class

  • Give yourself permission to try new things.

Commit to doing whatever it takes to finding and connecting with your purpose. You are worth it!

Remove Distractions

We have so many distractions and information coming at us each day. We may even be getting notifications from multiple devices!

Have you gotten into the habit of ignoring the "noise"?

Start to notice that everything coming your way is important. Give each thing attention instead of labeling it as a distraction. You will easily be able to eliminate it if it truly was.

Capricorn Affirmations

  • I only give energy to what's worth my focus

  • I am strong, I am successful, I am enough

  • I say "No" to anything not aligned with my vision

  • All I need is within me

Connect with Capricorn energy!

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