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Connecting with Spiritual Guidance

Updated: Jan 13

Connecting with spiritual guidance can be easy. I remember the first time I heard the term “Spirit Guides.” I was looking through meditations on Insight Timer and saw a meditation about connecting with our spirit guides. Something about this term with my religious background felt off. Like maybe I’d be worshiping something other than God. I decided to go ahead and start the meditation thinking “I’m meditating to God.” So… if you don’t resonate with the term “Spirit Guides” that’s okay. Think of God, a Higher Power, The Universe, Angels, or even your Higher Self. Whatever feels good to you!

Why would you want to connect with our spirit guides? Because they can’t help you unless you ask. Our spirit guides can help you with guidance, clarity, purpose, comfort, and support. Here are some reasons you may decide to connect with your spirit guides.

  • You’re struggling with a decision.

  • You want next steps in your life, relationship, or business.

  • You want strength to get through a hard time.

  • You want to align your thoughts and energy to The Universe.

  • You want to get out of fear-based thoughts.

How can you connect? There are no right/wrong ways to connect! But here are some steps to try to make it easier!

  1. Get Grounded (Mediation, Prayer, Silence…)

  2. Call in Guidance (State your intention to connect) Clearly ask for who you want to connect to. (Example: Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Angel Guides, Guardian Angel, Family member or friend who’s passed, Archangels, or even just a specific energy)

  3. Make Request (Guidance, clarity, purpose, comfort, support, soulmate…)

  4. Listen with clear thoughts if possible.

  5. Thank your spirit guides for their guidance. "Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for ______________"

Here are some ways you may get your answers:

  • Words

  • Sensations

  • Visions

  • Feelings

  • Knowing

  • Signs

  • Repeating Patterns

Stay open in the coming days to receive what you have requested! Your spirit guides are always waiting to help you, and their guidance can come in many forms!

Want to dive deeper into connecting to spiritual guidance? Watch my video