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Crystals Of Libra Season

Crystals of Libra Season

Guest Blog Post by: Paige Brewster

Can you believe we are entering Libra Season? Autumn is fast approaching, and just as we throw on a sweater to deter the night do we begin focusing within. Perhaps we begin craving everything pumpkin spice or maybe prefer a warm cup of cider or hot chocolate. In any case, we find ourselves reaching for security, fulfillment and trust. Libra Season is the perfect time to search within and discover ways to enhance our relationships.

If the thought of being vulnerable or speaking you truth with compassion concerns you...

Here are some ideas and crystals that will help you cultivate a new, deeper connection and understanding in you most cherished relationships!


Cultivating a healthy relationship requires having reasonable expectations not only of your partners, but of yourself. Lapis Lazuli helps stimulate wisdom and peace by activating your highest vision for yourself allowing for clear perspective and understand and understanding of the big picture.

Libra Season also reminds us to make time to not only work on our relationships but to be creative and enjoy them. Hold your lapis lazuli while having heartfelt conversations with a loved one. Or, carry in a pocket to provide wisdom throughout the day. If you find yourself in a situation where there is a breakdown in communication, set the intention for your lapis to provide a bridge to restore communication. Many pieces of lapis lazuli are UV reactive reminding us that there are always hidden gems throughout life. Sometimes it takes a little more work to make one shine!


Libra Season invites us to accept our flaws, and those of our partner. We are all spiritual beings living in a human shell so afford yourself and others grace. Ruby Tourmaline is a stone of the heart and dispels feelings of guilt, shame and depression. It promotes love and compassion balancing our emotional and physical beings.

Ruby tourmaline also balances the two hemispheres of the brain and the feminine/masculine energies creating a beautiful feeling of peace from within. Meditate with this crystal to find a middle ground with your energy or emotions. The more balanced we become, the healthier our relationships will be.