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Crystals Of Sagittarius Season

Crystals of Sagittarius Season

Guest Post by: Paige Brewster

The weather is getting colder in many places but it is not time to hibernate yet! Sagittarius season is here and with it comes brand new adventures. It is time to identify the thought patterns that either help you on your journey, or block your energy and ability to move forward. Here are some crystals that may help you trust the Universe in the coming weeks.

Energetic Mantra: I am ready to move. Iolite is a stone that promotes evolution and encourages forward movement on our spiritual journey. Its ability to bring pure thoughts forward allows us to see what thought patterns may no longer be serving us. Iolite also promotes intuition and self-acceptance. A sense of empowerment comes when we see clearly what is inhibiting our progress. The end result may be the ability to see our energetic blocks with an open mind without judgement. From here, we are empowered to manifest our world!

Energetic Mantra: I am at ease.

Sagittarius season encourages us to trust the Universe. For many of us, this may be a difficult task. Enter Red jasper, a stone of luck, endurance, and grounding. It can help remove emotions from our thinking and allow us to trust more freely. It can also help incite creativity and disperse "numbness" in a stagnant routine. This is definitely the stone to help you take a leap of faith and trust the Universe and the signs it provides for your journey!

Energetic Mantra: I am lucky.

Aventurine is a stone of luck and prosperity. The ability of Aventurine to diffuse negativity and promote compassion makes it a wonderful pocket crystal! Throughout Sagittarius season, this will be the stone that reinforces leadership skills. Be ready when the doors of opportunity open gracefully for you! You can find the stone in several different colors and in many forms of jewelry. As far as Crystals go, it is relatively inexpensive and a great starter crystal!

Energetic Mantra: I am grounded and ready for adventure.

Mookite is a beautiful stone of the earthly plane. It reminds us that the earth is always here to support us. We can use this stone in meditation to help refocus our mind, bring us back to the present. Our body, mind, spirit, and soul can then work harmoniously together in the now.

Energetic Mantra: My wisdom protects me.

Turquoise is a protective stone and a stone often used by nobility throughout time. It has the ability to align all of the chakras. Most importantly, it can cleanse the throat chakra so communication is at its best. Turquoise provides us with inner peace and good luck.

So you see, Sagittarius season does not need to seem so overwhelming. Let us view it as a new adventure with new tools that we have worked hard to receive. The above crystals are just a sampling of what Crystals can do for us...WITH us! As we walk on this journey, may we be grateful for the knowledge we have been given by the Universe and each other. Let us be thankful for the guidance of our communities, friends and loved ones. Most of all, let us be thankful for the work and practices we have developed for ourselves. May we continue to listen, to learn, and to be grateful that we can empower one another!

To connect with me and take a look at all of the variety of crystals feel free to check out Paige's Crystal Vision.


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