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Crystals of Scorpio Season

Crystals of Scorpio Season

Guest Blog Post by: Paige Brewster

I think many of us can agree that fall is a beautiful time of year. The weather may begin to cool, and in many parts of the world the leaves become brilliant shades of gold and red. Autumn can also bring mystery and intense energy. In general, Scorpio Season can be a scary time for many. No, I am not speaking of Halloween or the thinning of the veil!

In 2022, we have the added energy of Eclipse Season. Hold onto your hats and broomsticks! It is the season to dive deep into those strong emotions and use the revelations to transform your reality. Here are the most valuable crystals for this season.

Snowflake Obsidian is a beautiful grounding stone that reminds us to see the light in the darkness. This "Stone of Purity" works with the Root Chakra reducing negative energy from the body, mind and energy fields. During Scorpio Season, you may find yourself feeling insecure or troubled when deep feelings arise. Hold or meditate with this crystal to help with these feelings and the healing process.

Hematite and Rainbow Hematite have natural magnetic properties. These properties help balance the energy systems within the body providing grounding energy for the spirit. Scorpio Season is the perfect time to utilize this crystal. Often, taking a deep dive inward can cause anxiety or fear. The balance offered by hematite will help your brain decipher which beliefs are healthy, and which are rooted in fear. Hematite will also reflect any energy aimed at you to be reflected back to the sender...yes, good or bad!

Onyx can be seen as a stone of magic since throughout history it has been used in ceremonies, rituals and for healing. Onyx encourages alignment with one's highest self which is perfect for Scorpio Season. It is said to defend from evil allowing harmonious relationships to evolve. Use onyx to aid in understanding visions and recognize your power. This is a true stone of transformation!

Ruby Fuchsite is a must-have for Scorpio Season! The combination of Ruby and Fuchsite helps the heart acknowledge your personal truths. This insight is especially important to your beliefs about yourself. This crystal will heighten your awareness and encourage you to embrace unconditional love for yourself and others. Enjoy your enhanced intuition while using this stone.

Scolecite works with the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. Viewed as a stone of connectivity and tranquility, Scolecite produces a sense of inner calm. This crystal also help regulate sleep when the mind is overwhelmed with the realizations of Scorpio Season! Use near your bed, while meditating or doing shadow work.

So, it is a given that the energy of the season is intense. We may find ourselves digging up bones that we thought were long gone. Afford yourself grace and remember that shadow work is necessary and beneficial. Let us all strive not to become overwhelmed with revelations but to move onward through them.

The above crystals will certainly help you on your journey. Don't forget that your crystals work best when you support them with intent. You can cleanse your crystals anytime with selenite, and charge them under the full moon. Be sure to Google any crystal you wish to use with water before doing so.

To connect with me and take a look at all of the variety of crystals feel free to check out Paige's Crystal Vision.


Thank you Paige Brewster for sharing your magic! Thank you for being a guest on our blog.

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