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Embark on Your Tarotpreneur Journey: 3 Days to Thrive in Your Tarot Business

Embark on Your Tarotpreneur Journey: 3 Days to Thrive in Your Tarot Business

tarot, starting a tarot business

Welcome, fellow tarot enthusiasts, to a transformative event that's about to set your Tarotpreneur dreams ablaze! If you're here, you've already taken your first step on this mystical path, and I'm thrilled to guide you through The Prosperous Priestess Path. Over three enriching days, we're going to unravel the secrets to thriving as a Tarotpreneur.

Day 1: Mystical Beginnings - Building Your Business Foundation

On Day 1, we lay the foundation for your flourishing tarot business. It's not just about offering sessions; it's about envisioning the grand tapestry of your Tarotpreneur journey.

Business Foundation and Clarity: We'll dig deep into what you have planned. Are you offering single sessions, or do you envision something larger? Let's explore the bigger visions and spark them with a guided visualization.

Why? Values, Vision, and Target Audience: Uncover your core values, your business vision, and your niche. These are the guiding stars of your journey.

Setting Goals and Pricing Structure: Set tangible goals and develop a pricing structure that resonates with your clients.

Session Formats and Evolution: Dive into different session formats and explore how your offerings can evolve with your growth.

You'll receive Unlocking Your Tarot Business Audience: Client Persona Workbook and Your Tarot Business Vision Workbook to gain clarity for your tarot business.

Day 2: Navigating the Digital Realm - Establishing Your Presence

Day 2 is all about establishing your online presence as a Tarotpreneur. It's about being seen, heard, and cherished in the digital world.

Social Media Presence: We'll delve into crafting a captivating presence on social media platforms.

Marketing your Business: Learn the art of marketing and creating reciprocity. Testimonials, networking, and gaining visibility are key elements we'll explore.

You'll receive a The Mystic's Social Media Content Planner

and a 10 Social Media Post Templates to help you master your digital journey.

Day 3: Mystical Alchemy - Crafting Your Magical Brand

On the final day of our event, we dive into crafting your magical brand and refining your online presentation.

Branding and Online Presentation: Uncover the secrets of branding, creating a logo, and choosing your color palette.

Building Your Online Space: Create a simple Canva website and explore the world of booking and payment systems.

Ongoing Learning and Support: Discover the power of continual learning, community engagement, and support in your Tarotpreneur journey.

You'll receive a Branding Toolkit and 5 Canva Website Templates to elevate your online presence.

By the end of our three-day journey, you'll have not only gained knowledge but also transformed your dreams into reality. It's a stepping stone to becoming a Tarotpreneur who not only reads cards but also touches hearts, minds, and souls.

Join us on The Prosperous Priestess Path:3 Days to Thrive as a Tarotpreneur. Are you ready to embark on this enchanting journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurship?

Visit The Prosperous Priestess Path to secure your spot on this incredible journey. This is your chance to step into the world of Tarotpreneurship with confidence, clarity, and community support. Together, we'll light up the mystical path to thriving as a Tarotpreneur.

Thank you for taking this first step. I can't wait to guide you towards your dreams. Until we meet on The Prosperous Priestess Path, may your tarot cards always reveal the magic within you.



tarot, starting a tarot business

See you there!

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