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Embracing Your Unique Style: Standing Out in the Tarot Business

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Embracing Your Unique Style: Standing Out in the Tarot Business

Today’s post will focus on those of you who are looking to build a business from tarot. Let's dive into the practical aspects of building a tarot business—one that not only survives but thrives. If you're learning tarot or venturing into entrepreneurship in this realm, you may be wondering how to stand out among other readers. The key lies in embracing your unique style, infusing your personal touch, and forming a genuine connection with your ideal clients.

Discovering Your Unique Style

In the vast world of tarot readers, your unique style is your distinctive feature. It's what makes you different. Take a moment to think about what sets you apart. Whether it's a specific way of interpreting cards, a unique reading environment, or a particular method of delivering insights—embrace it.

The Power of Personal Flair

Integrating your other interests into your tarot readings can make a significant impact. Consider your hobbies, passions, or areas of expertise. Incorporating these into your readings not only differentiates you but also builds a bridge between you and your ideal clients. It's the personal touch that turns a reading into an experience.

Connecting with Your Ideal Clients

Your unique style goes beyond aesthetics; it's about creating resonance. Think about your ideal clients—who are they, and what interests them? Aligning your tarot practice with their passions fosters a deeper connection. If you have a particular interest, such as astrology, incorporating related insights into your readings could strengthen your connection with clients who share that interest.

Steps to Embrace Your Style


Identify your unique strengths and interests outside of tarot. What makes you passionate? How can you incorporate these elements into your readings?

Client Persona

Create a persona of your ideal client. What are their interests, values, and preferences? Tailor your approach to resonate with them on a personal level.


Integrate your personal flair organically. Whether through storytelling, symbolism, or themed readings, let it flow naturally to enhance rather than overshadow the tarot experience.

Get Feedback

Encourage feedback from clients. This not only helps you refine your approach but also deepens your understanding of what resonates most with your audience.

As you take steps on the journey of building your tarot business, remember that your unique style is your most potent tool.

Embrace it, infuse it into your readings, and watch as it creates a genuine connection with your clients. In the world of tarot, authenticity is not just appreciated—it's celebrated. Your journey is as unique as your style, so step into it with confidence, authenticity, and the knowledge that your personal touch is what makes you truly exceptional. 

We'd like to highlight a couple Tarot Practice Academy Members who have been finding and refining their unique style and offerings in the Tarot Practice Sessions.

Let's shine a light on Kim Adams - a beacon of Tarot Wisdom

Kim resides in a quaint Northern California town, nestled along the stunning coastal region amidst magnificent redwood trees, just two hours south of the Oregon border.

With a lifelong connection to this picturesque setting, Kim cherishes its moderate climate, appreciating the occasional rain. A devoted mother to identical twin daughters, Maloree (residing locally) and Andrea (currently teaching in Poland), Kim celebrated their 30th birthday in October, while she herself remains awe-inspired by her 57 years of life.

Alongside her role as a mother, Kim cares for her beloved mini-Australian Shepherd named Mollee and tends to two serpentine companions: a red tail boa named Mowgli and a ball python named Isabeau (whom she proudly considers her 'grandchild,' as Isabeau is her daughter's pet, currently in Kim's care during her time abroad).

Kim's spiritual journey aligns with Paganism, drawing her close to nature and the beliefs of Native Americans. Although her introduction to Tarot dates back to 1999, it's only in recent years that she has deeply immersed herself in the art, nurturing her intuition. Oracle cards, a newer addition to her spiritual toolkit, now play a significant role, complementing her Tarot practice. Her fascination with Numerology and Animal Spirit Guides has led her to incorporate these elements into her readings, either independently or in conjunction with Tarot. Kim's connection to rocks and crystals is profound, as she keeps a special crystal with each of her Tarot decks.

An interesting facet of Kim's spiritual practice involves asking people about their favorite animals and sharing insights related to them. After a revelation, Kim discovered that her own favorite animal is the Dragon, aptly named Drax. Kim also finds guidance and inspiration from her Celtic Goddess, Brigit, who, alongside Drax, accompanies her on her daily journey, helping her navigate life's path with wisdom and purpose. 

Let's shine a light on Kristine Lynn - her healing energy towards Chakra Tarot readings.

Meet Kristina Lynn, a compassionate and resilient soul on a profound healing journey. As a devoted single mother to her exceptional 7-year-old autistic son, Kristina's own path to healing began seven years ago when she courageously liberated herself from the weight of generational trauma. Guided by a powerful calling, she embraced the roles of a Reiki Master and Chakra Coach.

Today, Kristina directs her healing energy towards Chakra Tarot readings, offering seekers the opportunity to explore their past, present, and future energy states through the insightful lens of the Tarot.

Her mission is to serve as a guiding light on the spiritual healing journeys of others. In addition to her Tarot practice, Kristina takes pride in being the creative force behind 'Align the Chakras,' where she crafts meditation kits and other treasures designed to harmonize chakras and support spiritual ascension.

Mark your calendars for an exciting development in 2024! Kristina will be launching a series of 7 Chakra courses and coaching sessions, a testament to her dedication to sharing wisdom and assisting others on their transformative paths. She eagerly anticipates the opportunity to connect with you and become an integral part of your unique journey.

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