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Free Astrology Guide - 2022

Have you been wanting to dive deeper into the cosmos? I have created a FREE Astrology guide that is designed to help guide you through astrology step by step. If you're new to astrology and feeling overwhelmed with all of the information that's out there, you will find my FREE Astro Guide 2022 really helpful.

I created it especially for those that are beginning their journey.

It's got everything you need to learn all about astrology and how you can tap into it to enhance your spiritual growth.

This free guide will help you understand more about the signs, the seasons themes and numerology.

You'll also learn more about the planets and moon magic!

Inside you will also find the astrology wheel which tells you all about the energetic influences and what life lessons you can expect.

The Astro guide includes:

  • Astrology Wheel

  • Astro Quick Guide- Signs, Themes and Numerology

  • Qualities and Elements

  • Planets

  • Aspects

  • Moon Magic

  • Deeper Looks at all Astrological Signs

  • 2022 Calendar

  • Info about My Cosmic Expansion Membership

Info on joining our Cosmic Expansion Membership can be found HERE

Download your FREE copy of the Astro Guide 2022 HERE

If you want to dive even deeper, book a reading with me HERE



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