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Gemini Season Mantras by Sun Sign

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Gemini is the sign of the curious Twins. Commonly associated with communication, this sign is about so much more than just speech.

While communication is a big focus, this season's all about changes in perspective impacting us on both a personal and collective level.

The twins communicate with each other to learn something, exchange ideas, and shift their perspectives.

This season get ready to change your perspective for growth and expansion!

Here are some mantras for you to use this season... - By Sun Sign!

Aries I ground myself as I take on and experiment with new Ideas.

Taurus I ground in nature and challenge myself to open to new ideas and perspectives

Gemini I celebrate the last year and am curious about what's next for my growth and expansion.

Cancer I ground myself with self care and make the changes I need to feel supported and nourished in my expansion.

Leo I become inspired by the unexpected as I experiment with new and different leadership roles.

Virgo My strength comes from my intuition and I allow it to direct the flow of my life.

Libra As I connect and empathize with others I allow my viewpoints to shift how I interact with others and myself

Scorpio I experiment with new ideas and experiences that allow me to connect with deeper layers of myself.

Sagittarius I invite in knowledge from others and allow it to expand my understanding of my life.

Capricorn I stay connected to my body while allowing this season to excite and inspire me.

Aquarius I share my ideas with the world and inspire those around me and myself.

Pisces I cleanse my energetic fields and focus on self expression.