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Gemini Season : Perception

Gemini Season is always a unique adventure of learning, unlearning, and growth. This season asks us to allow the Universe to surprise us and show us the unexpected. Ruled by Mercury and Air, Gemini's energy moves quickly. This season brings us information from various directions and can make our heads spin if we aren't grounded in our bodies. Gemini Season demands that we stay connected to our breath to anchor us when the winds of change blow.

Gemini is the sign of the ever-curious Twins. Commonly associated with communication and chatter, this sign is about so much more than speech. While communication is a big focus of this time, this season's real magic lies in the perceptual changes it causes in the collective. The Twins communicate with each other to learn something, exchange ideas, and shift their perspectives. Gemini in its lowest side is simply gossip or small talk. Its highest side is the type of speech that opens minds and can change the world.

As you allow new information into your world this season, allow it to shift your

internal narrative. We all have stories we tell ourselves about our past, present, and future. They are rooted in our perceptions. Allow your stories to change this season.

Gemini Higher Vibrations: Curiosity, Widening Perspective, Connect with others, Learn & Grow, Open mindedness

Gemini Lower Vibrations: Judgement, Close Mindedness, Ungrounded, Nervous and fearful, Suppressed emotions


Gemini season is the perfect time to tune into the stories you are telling.

What stories do you tell yourself? Others?

Are they empowering or disempowering?

After going through 4 miscarriages and 2 ectopic pregnancies a HUGE part of my healing was changing my reaction and the stories I told myself about those events and my fertility journey.

  • I'm broken

  • I'm being punished

  • The Universe doesn't want me to have people to love me

all became:

  • I went through these experiences to help others. I am not broken. The Universe loves me.

What stories would you like to change?


Gemini season is also all about changing perspectives.

Use this season's energy by connecting with others. Really listen to their point of view.

What beliefs and perspectives have been standing in your way?

How can you be more flexible with your beliefs and perspectives?


Belief, noun: something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.

I once heard that a belief is something that we hold dear.

We all have SO MANY beliefs! These beliefs have been formed by our family of origin, own experiences, religion, books and media, friends and more....

One of the most challenging that I ever heard was by Timber Hawkeye " The opposite of what you know is also true."

This really turns everything on it's head. When we start to realize that a belief is as true as the energy you put into it, you realize that you can consciously choose them.

  • Do you have any limiting beliefs holding you back?

  • Do you have any beliefs that judge and demonize others?

  • Do you have beliefs that keep you feeling like a victim?

Which ones would you like to shift?

Choose a New Belief

Once you identify a belief you'd like to change.....the next step is finding an empowering belief to replace it with. How would you like to feel in this area of your life? What belief would help you feel that way?


Throughout Gemini season we've been talking about changing our beliefs.

  1. Tune into your beliefs

  2. Choose new beliefs

Now what? You may have noticed that your old beliefs keep popping up even though you are trying to replace them.

That's OK!

A trick I like is affirming... "Oh! That's the old me!" and then practice the new belief. It's important to come from a place of curiosity rather than judgement when replacing your beliefs.

Over time you'll notice the old belief fading until it hardly ever comes up!


Mantras can be a great way to practice new beliefs!

Here's a couple tricks for coming up with a mantra:

  1. Write it in present tense

  2. Keep them brief and specific

  3. Include dynamic feeling words

The biggest key is how does it make you feel?

Choose a mantra that feels true and empowering!

For a list of Gemini Mantras by sun sign CLICK HERE!


Gemini Season is all about communication.

Gemini energy wants us to shift and grow. This energy is flexible which helps us to shift or beliefs and how we feel about ourselves.

Connecting to others and communicating can help us hear other points of view that may help us grow.

One of the most challenging phrases I ever heard is "The opposite of what you believe is also true."

This is the time to step into this new paradigm. Is it possible for something that true for you to NOT be true for someone else?

What perceptions do others have that may be more empowering,.. and less scary that your current perception.

This is the time to play with beliefs and give yourself permission to choose something different if it feels better!

Open Mind

Taking on new perspectives requires an open mind.

Take a look at your relationship with open-mindedness. Is there a time you were more/less open minded than you are now?

Open-mindedness give us a direct connection to others. We can be curious about their experience free of judgment.

When are minds are closed we cut off connection.

How has an open mind benefited you in the past?


During Gemini Season, allow yourself to be confused!

To be open-minded is to know that you don't know everything... and that that's OK!

Communicate openly with others to gain new understandings. Ask questions and be ready to let go of judgment and see things from other points of views!

The Unexpected

As we come to the end of Gemini Season expect the unexpected!

What has been coming to fruition for you since letting go on the full moon?

It's impossible to know where your journey of awakening will take you... but trust that these new perceptions will serve you for the time being.

Stay open to expanding and do your best to enjoy the steps along the way!

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