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Getting In Touch With Your Intuition

What is Intuition?

Have you ever had a sick gut wrenching feeling in your stomach and wondered what it was? That would be your intuition. It's sometimes referred to as a gut feeling. Like an inner voice that guides you.Call it a “gut feeling,” a “sixth sense,” or a passing thought — intuition is an immensely powerful tool.

The dictionary explains intuition like this- the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Your intuition is like an inward GPS so to speak, you tell it where to go and in turn it will help you reach your destinations. But just like in life sometimes we experience "construction" or "traffic" but never fear your GPS (in this case your intuition) will re route you and still get you to your destination.

Intuition requires deep listening, trust and patience. However things it doesn't require are stress or effort. It's a natural encounter!

Some ways to develop and strengthen your intuition are :

Meditate - Messages from your intuition tend to be quiet, so spending time in silence will help you hear and interpret these messages.

Get Creative- Engaging in creative activities, such as drawing, scrapbooking, or free-flow journaling, quiets the cognitive mind and allows your intuition to speak up.

Spend Time in Nature- Being in the natural world, away from technology and the cognitive mind's other temptations, can open up the kind of intuition we needed when we as a species lived outdoors and relied upon it to keep us safe from the elements, predators, and other true fear dangers.

Align With Your Values- Your mind may steer you away from your integrity, but your intuition never will. Become comfortable with how you feel when you're betraying your values, and you'll learn what intuition doesn't feel like. Learn what it feels like to behave in alignment with your values, and you'll start to sense your intuition more clearly.

Breathwork- Breathwork the intentional manipulation of the breath, can yield powerful insights quickly.

Feel More, think less- The mind thinks, arguing with itself like a crazy person. Intuition, on the other hand, feels. If you're not sure whether you're listening to your fearful mind or your trustworthy intuition, see if you can differentiate whether you're thinking or feeling.

Our intuition speaks to us in many ways and it’s important to cultivate your own relationship with your intuition. But where do you start?

Here are 5 signs your intuition is trying to speak to you.

You can’t stop thinking about a specific idea, place, person, etc.

This is when you have an idea, think of a place or person and you cannot get it out of your mind. A re-occurring of the same thoughts.

You keep experience synchronicities and little coincidences that have some meaning to you

When communicating with your intuition, the messages aren’t always clear. Sometimes it can be mundane and a simple occurrence during your day like hearing a specific song at a coffee shop or passing a shop you had been thinking about going to without even trying. Take note of any synchronicities and any small coincidences. Oftentimes, this is a sign that you’re on the right path and can indicate that more clarity is coming in soon.

Any patterns or reoccurring themes that keep coming up

Maybe things just seem to be going your way or they keep getting worse and worse. Pay attention to any time in your life that patterns keep resurfacing or you find yourself in the same situation time and time again. Each time that happens, it’s an opportunity to do something different and live with more alignment.

You just have a feeling about something (aka your intuition is talking)

This one is probably the most obvious signs that our intuition is talking to us but most often, the hardest to trust. As humans, we like to have proof for everything, and most times, our intuition is just a feeling. You can push it away all you want, but it always knows.

Your dreams are extremely vivid and metaphorical dreams

Say you dreamt about an ex, it doesn’t mean that you should call them but rather ask yourself, what part of me does that ex represent? What part of myself am I not looking at? This is where our intuition can help our healing work.

Intuitive skills are inside all of us. Intuition is always there for us, to guide, protect, and help us develop.

In the video below I explain in depth how to embody your intuition and what that means.

Also check out my You Tube for other videos!

These are a few ways that our intuition can show up but it’s important for you to cultivate the relationship with your intuition so that you know how it guides you. Intuition is our superpower. It allows us to live with greater alignment, ease, and trust which makes life a million times easier. Remember that your intuition is like a muscle that needs to be strengthened so give yourself grace and know that understanding and trusting all of these things is not going to happen overnight.

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