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Leo Season: Connecting With Your Joy

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

From the waters of Cancer, we meet the uplifting fires of Leo Season.

Ruled by the Sun itself, Leo represents a passage home to our hearts.

This four-week Sun Season is the time to feel who you are, feel who you want to become, and accept every aspect of yourself.

This season meets us at the height of summer and reminds us to celebrate our lives.

The energy of Leo is a lesson in joy. This vibration reminds us to love life and enjoy even the smallest moments that may bring a smile or a laugh.

Through this joy, we can open our hearts to heal and feel our truth. We can then

express this truth to others without the fear of rejection and with the knowledge

that no matter what, we will always approve of ourselves.

Leo Higher Vibrations: Brave, Dynamic, Engaging, Courageous, Drive, Passion

Leo Lower Vibrations: Arrogance, Selfishness, Proud, Dramatic, Seeking approval

Leo is a fixed fire sign whose season begins in mid-summer. Earth is approaching it's closest proximity to the sun. Everything is vibrant and alive with the heat of summer and Leo is a sign of vibrancy, creativity, love, and expression. We bring out the validation and security we received in Cancer Season out to share it with the world. Leo is ruled by the sun making it a very extroverted and expressive energy.

Leo loves to shine and share it's creativity and knowledge with the world. This energy is about grand and colorful expression of the heart. Leo teaches us how to express ourselves with others and to share our personality and creativity in fun and vibrant ways.

Leo's passion teaches us to acknowledge what's driving us, what enlivens us, and what drives us to create and achieve in the world. We need physical strength and passion to carry forth the pure desires from our spiritual will.

The highest expression of Leo's evolution finds wholeness in the unique expression of the self. Leo is developing a strong and unique sense of its own identity while recognizing it is a part of the greater whole. Leo is meant to utilize the connection to the heart and the Sun's power to find the fullest expression of itself in the world and share it for the benefit of all.

Leo Season is all about JOY!

Did you know that joy lives in the present moment? When we are distracted by the future and the past we forget to experience the NOW!

Even a small amount of time being present each day completely changes your life! Here's some ways to connect with the present moment!

🌀 Take a breath

🌀 Focus in on the sounds around you