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Leo Season Mantras By Sun Sign

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

From the waters of Cancer, we meet the uplifting fires of Leo Season. Ruled by the Sun itself, Leo represents a passage home to our hearts.

This four-week Sun Season is the time to feel who you are, feel who you want to become, and accept every aspect of yourself.

Here are some Leo Season Mantras by sun sign:

Aries I connect with the things that bring me insight and creativity as I focus on what brings me closest to my deeper self.

Taurus I expand past my fears to find my true joy and celebrate my potential.

Gemini I stay centered in my heart to be connected to joy, celebration, and connection.

Cancer I open up space for Joy and share it with others while listening to my heart and allowing it to be my guiding light.

Leo I feel into my truth and allow myself to truly enjoy the spotlight.

Virgo I give myself permission to put away the to- do list and do what inspires and excites me.

Libra I align with my heart and focus on my frequency to find what truly lights me up.

Scorpio I love and accept myself in this moment for exactly who I am as I focus on what makes my heart happy.

Sagittarius I feel my connection with my life force and allow it to strengthen as I connect with my joy and truth.

Capricorn I allow myself to step out of my comfort zone for fun and celebration as I align with my purpose on a new level.

Aquarius I align with my joy and heart's truth as I share my inspiration with others in a unique way.

Pisces I immerse myself in experiences that remind me of my truth and share my joy with others.

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