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Libra Season: Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Libra Season: Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Libra Season represents a new start. As a cardinal sign, this energy generates new vibrations for us to harness and use to create desired changes in our lives. Each

astrological energy is an evolution of the one before. Virgo Season taught us to

accept our imperfections and understand the value of our self-worth. Libra Season

builds upon these energies and seeks to extend them to our partnerships. Once

we can accept our own imperfections, we are in a place to accept other people’s

imperfections. Also, when we know our true self-worth, we can better stand our

ground in conflict and find a peaceful resolution that preserves our integrity. We

also can attract partners into our lives who reflect our self-worth and can help us on

a journey of self-discovery.

This season is ultimately an opportunity to look at the relationships in your life and

understand them on a new level. It's a time to ask which ones are serving you and

which ones are limiting you. It's also a time to understand the different types of

relationships you have in your world. Not everyone is meant to be your soul mate,

but the ones who are have the power to change your vibration. Relationships can

be complicated and messy, but they also can bring you into an energetic vibration

that you could not get to alone. As you merge frequencies with another person, you

have the opportunity to elevate your consciousness. Your mind opens in new ways,

allowing you to see the world more clearly and peacefully.

Libra Higher Vibrations: Balance, Fairness, Justice, Partnership

Libra Lower Vibrations: Disconnect, Judgements, Selfishness, Lack of empathy

Libra season represents a new start. As a Cardinal sign, this energy creates new vibrations that we can use to create desired changes for our lives. This season is an opportunity to really look at the relationships in your life and understand them on a new level.It’s a time to really ask what ones are no longer serving you and also which ones are limiting you.

Some relationship tips for Libra season are:

⭐️Be Honest

⭐️Have Reasonable Expectations

⭐️Accept Your Flaws

⭐️Open Your Mind

⭐️Be Appreciative

Fall Equinox is is a time to acknowledge that two distinct energies can exist in the same world together.

Here are some example rituals for honoring this transition!

🍂 Write A List Of Accomplishments

🍂 Gather with Friends

🍂Create An Altar

🍂 Create A Burn List

The New Moon in Libra brings you the opportunity to to take a closer look at your relationships to see if they are no longer serving you or if they need adjustments.

It’s also an opportunity to write out intentions around your relationships.

What has been working? What’s not? The New Moon tends to bring up lots of emotions and thoughts. Spend this time cultivating a feeling of calm and peace within.

What are your intentions during this new moon?

Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It is a time to remember to work on our relationships with these things.

It’s a good time to ask yourself how you prioritize what you love in your life. Also - shower yourself with things that make you feel good and remind you of all the beauty in life.

Focus on what opens your heart and what pulls your attention to the radiance of life itself.

What makes you feel good?

Mercury Retrograde is now over!! *Cue huge sigh of relief!*

Mercury Direct affects our speech and gives us the words we’ve been trying to find. Be cautious of oversharing around this time and take a moment to reflect by asking if what you are saying really needs to be said.

Use your voice to bring detail and attention to what you have been discovering over the past about yourself. Also, forgive yourself for any Mercury Retrograde mishaps that may have occurred.


Healthy relationships need open, honest communication. Without it, there isn’t trust, and without trust, there isn’t a healthy relationship.

The real balance comes when finding ways to be compassionate, kind, and honest. Sometimes honesty isn’t kind, but if it’s done with compassion, it can be effective when it comes to elevating the relationship.

If compassion is left out, then one person may grow defensive and not be able to hear the truth of what is being said. Remind yourself that when having those honest conversations with others to balance your communication with compassion.

Where in your relationships could you be more honest?

Open Mind

Libra season teaches us that two different truths can exsist simultaneously. You have your truth and your partner has theirs. The key is to remember that neither has to be right or wrong for either to exist.

It’s important to be open to your partner's perspective even if it goes against what you believe. It's also important to remember your partners are here to help you grow.

When you open your mind to see the world how they do, you can gain new insights. You may not change your mind but at least you can gain a new perspective that could hold a piece of truth.


Expectations can often lead to disapointments in relationships.It’s okay to have them but it's really important to be aware of them and also make sure you're placing reasonable expectations on people.

For instance, you may want - and even expect someone to act like they are your best friend. But in reality, they may be unable to be that emotionally unavailable to you for reasons unrelated to you.

Until you see this limitation in the friendship, you may feel disappointed and even hurt. It’s important to understand the different roles people play in your life and the different types of relationships you can have with them.

Knowing the difference will affect your expectations of the relationship and save you some heartache.

Where might you have unrealistic expectations for yourself?

Full Moon in Aries

The full moon is a time of opposition but also a time of significant growth. It’s a time where both the sun and the moon stand directly opposite of one another in the sky.

The first step in understanding this full moon in Aries is to know that it can bring up feelings of restlessness, frustration and even some impatience.

This is also a moon of forgiveness. Every full moon is a time of forgiving ourselves or others. Remember we do not forgive others for them we do it for ourselves.Staying angry takes up all of our energy.

Do you need to forgive yourself or someone else?


If you expect yourself to be perfect, it will impede all your relationships. You will never

be perfect, and neither will your partners.

Furthermore, no one in the world can help make you perfect, and you cannot make anyone else perfect.

This is the beauty of being alive. We are here to learn, evolve, and grow. Our partners can help us on this journey once we show them our flaws.

How can you accept your own imperfections?


We tend to forget to appreciate the people in your life. What I’ve found is that a small act of appreciation can make someone else’s day!

Today jot down a list of 5 people you really appreciate. Send them a message of appreciation and enjoy the good feeling you both receive.


We are continuously expanding, evolving, and changing. As years pass, we change and that's not a bad thing. Our priorities shift and our lives follow those shifts.

During this time it's important to find ways to support your partner's growth and for them to support yours.

Discuss your evolving selfs to create ways to make the relationship capable of shifting as both of you grow and evolve.

Where would you love support in your evolution?

Walk Away

Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do for yourself and the other person is to walk away and let go. This doesn’t mean a dramatic exit or an argument. Sometimes you just need to walk away.

Remember to take care of yourself and know that people come together to work out a bit of karma.

The journey can take a few days, years or maybe even a lifetime. It’s important to realize when the relationship, whatever it may be, has run its course and gives yourself that freedom to leave.

What relationships do you need to walk away from?

Make Time

Oftentimes in life we are so busy we don’t make time for ourselves let alone other people. It’s important to carve out time to make time for those relationships so we can give them attention.

Show your partners they mean a lot to you by making time for them. Through making time for your relationships they will be nurtured and grow.

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Happy Libra Season!



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