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Libra Season Mantras

Happy Libra Season! Here are some mantras by sun sign to help guide you through the season.

Aries: I let my relationships support my soul's journey and enjoy the adventure they bring.

Taurus: I create my sanctuary by surrounding myself with beautiful pieces that bring me peace.

Gemini:I balance communications with others and notice when it's appropriate to share and when it's appropriate to give others space.

Cancer: I ask for what I need and let me receive those things from others. I am worthy.

Leo: I align with my joy by myself and with others. I keep my heart open by doing the things I love.

Virgo:I allow myself and my partner to make mistakes in our relationship.We are along for the journey of learning and unlearning!

Libra: I take time looking at how my relationships make me feel. I choose relationships that make me feel balanced and peaceful.

Scorpio: I allow myself to let down my guard and let people in to get to know them on a deeper level.

Sagittarius: I spend time with people who inspire me and help me to take leaps of faith!

Capricorn: I choose partners that help me develop by intuition and support the work I desire for myself.

Aquarius: I associate with people who hold energetic frequencies that uplevel me and help me obtain a new level of existence.

Pisces:I notice how I feel in encounters and interactions. I choose partners who understand my sensitive soul.

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Happy Libra Season!



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