It's not just a miscarriage

It's not just a miscarriage. She's a woman who feels broken. It's a family that's disconnected. It's a community with hidden members.

As a woman who's had 4 miscarriages and 2 ectopic pregnancies, I disappeared. I wasn't there for my daughter, for my family... I stopped seeing my friends.

With each pregnancy I was terrified I'd have another loss.

I couldn't enjoy life. I stopped laughing,I stopped smiling. I searched over and over for answers.

No one was there. Not a single person to support me. No one to see me and remind me that I still had a life to live. I was lost in a dark hole of disconnection.

If you feel like I did... I am sorry. I'm sorry that there was no one there for you I'm sorry that you were not offered support.

My mission is to start a revolution. A revolution of support for the 1 in 4. The women who feel hidden. Whose shame, pain, and disappointment keep them from engaging in the lives they were meant to live.

My mission is to help them reconnect with their families, their communities, and their futures.

Who's with me? Who will join this mission?

Our wives, mothers, friends, co-workers, and daughters deserve better than this.

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