Mind/Body Connection

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Fertility Friday


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Mind/Body Connection

How you feel about being pregnant, your ideas about your own self-worth, and what being a mom means to you all have an impact on your fertility.


Trusting self and body are very important when ttc! The fact that you are trying to conceive means that you will be a great mom!

Having a feminine/masculine balance helps you to honor and embrace your feminine strengths including carrying and having children.


Harmonizing Massage Oil

15 drops ylang ylang essential oil 10 drops sandalwood essential oil 10 drops clary sage essential oil 10 drops lavender essential oil

2 oz evening primrose oil

For this recipe you'll need a 2oz glass jar. Mix oils in the glass jar. Fill with evening primrose oil and shake gently to mix. To use: Massage a small amount over the ovaries twice a day for one month.


Exploring how you feel

Exploring how we feel about ourselves, femininity, and pregnancy can go a long way to unlocking resistance and blocks toward getting pregnant. Some questions to explore:

  • Do I have any doubts about my ability to conceive?

  • Do you find your needs unmet, unseen, or unheard in your relationships with family and friends?

  • How do you feel about your partner? Do you feel supported and safe in your relationship?

  • Do you trust your body?

  • How do you feel about being a mom, and childbirth? Do you have any fears?

  • How will a child effect your life?

It is important to ask these questions from a place of curiosity, not judgement. Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself.


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