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North Node Mantras

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Today we are talking about our North nodes, why they are important and I will share with you some mantras as well.

The North Node represents your true north and the path you are growing into throughout your life... it's your destiny! The North Node represents what lessons you must learn in this lifetime, even though they may not be within your comfort zone.

This Eclipse Season will take place from April 25 - May 30

Throughout this eclipse season we can choose to work with your own personal nodes. If you don't know your north node you can look it up you can find it using an online birth chart calculator.

Here are some mantras for your North Node:

Aries: I release putting other's needs above my own and align with my soul's journey.

Taurus: I release attachments to chaos and embrace stillness and inner peace.

Gemini: I release judgement and embrace curiosity

Cancer: I release solitude and allow myself to be cared for and supported by others

Leo: I release protectiveness and embrace leadership

Virgo: I release seclusion and share my wisdom in service of others.

Libra: I release self centered thinking and embrace sharing my experience with others

Scorpio: I release attachment to the comfort zone and embrace transformation

Sagittarius: I release close mindedness and embrace alternative perspectives

Capricorn: I release sensitivities and embody responsibility for my life's work

Aquarius: I release the urge to hold myself above all others and allow humanity to inspire me

Pisces: I release perfectionism and trust myself and my intuition

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