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November's LIVE Subscriber Giveaway: Enticing Crystals

November's LIVE Subscriber Giveaway: Enticing Crystals

Guest Post by: Laura Sebastiani

Enticing Crystals is delighted to donate November’s Subscribers Giveaway!

Congratulations go to LESLIE S who won...

  • Druzy Agate Cat

  • Chakra Pyrite Tree

  • Rose Quartz Sphere

  • Honey Calcite Bracelet

  • Amethyst Tumble

  • Golden Healer Quartz Tumble

  • Obsidian Tumble

Druzy Agate Cat -

Druzy Agate is a stone of peace, love, and stress. It’s associated with the Crown Chakra as well as the Throat and Third Eye Chakra helping you balance these chakras. Use your Druzy Agate when you are feeling confined, seeking self love or help you communicate more effectively. The spiritual meaning of cats symbolize transformation.

Chakra Pyrite Tree -

Chakra Tree with pyrite and white onyx base hand crafted and imported from Peru. The Chakra Tree helps to cleanse, align and balance your energy.

Rose Quartz Sphere -

Rose Quartz is known to help open the Heart Chakra to create compassion and love for others and self. It is best known as the stone of unconditional love, joy and emanational healing.

Use the sphere while you meditate holding it in your hand, it will open your heart to remove bad habits and bring in self love energy.

Honey Calcite Bracelet -

Honey Calcite represents strength and personal power. Pushing you to accomplish your goals. Improved confidence and aids in focus. Honey calcite can be use to activate your Third Eye Chakra allowing energy to flow towards your path to success.

Amethyst Tumble -

Amethyst is a powerful and protective crystal. As well as a calming stone, helping you find happiness and release anxiety and stress. Amethyst activates the Crown and Third Eye Chakras.

Golden Healer Tumble -

Golden healer crystal is a master healer it empowers you to heal yourself body, mind and spirit. Golden healer balance the solar plexus, crown, sacral and root chakras.

Obsidian Tumble (pictured above) -

Associated with the root chakra Obsidian is a grounding and stabilizing crystal. Obsidian is associated with protection from negative energy.

Use obsidian daily while you meditate to release negative emotions.

Enticing Crystals was established by Laura Sebastiani. Laura was introduced to crystals by a closet friend who gifted her a set of crystal angels ( Rose Quartz, amethyst and green aventurine) from there she started acquiring more crystals and learning their properties. She has used Crystals to help with her anxiety.

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