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Now Enrolling: Cosmic Expansion Membership

Cosmic Expansion Membership is a MAGICAL online community for those on a quest for authenticity and enlightenment. This membership is open to everyone and welcomes you with love and warmth.

The doors are now open to Sunny's exclusive seasonal membership which is full of monthly themed content to help you with your personal journey to enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Have you been looking to up level your Astrology knowledge, your personal and spiritual growth, and belong to a great community of others doing the same? If so, the Cosmic Expansion Membership may be perfect for you!

It will help you to manifest happiness and feelings of peace within - enabling you to raise your vibration from a place of authenticity.

What's Included:

  • Monthly live video about the astrological season

  • New Moon workshop diving into the season

  • Full Moon Manifestation Workshop

  • PDF Guide for the astrological season

  • Monthly playlist to get into the groove with the current season

Testimonials from members of Cosmic Expansion-

“Thank you again for everything. You've helped improve my life immensely. Not only have you helped me overcome crippling anxiety, you've also helped with my horrendous depression. I want you to know how loved and appreciated you are. I love your workshops!

“I just wanted to thank you for the reading today. Best one I've ever had. That is exactly why I have been so stuck. I just kept wondering why everything felt so stuck.”

Check out this video testimonial by Heather who is one of our Cosmic Expansion Members

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: When you sign up - you get a FREE gift:

Two beautiful, hand-picked raw crystals

Roller ball with the seasons essential oil fragrance

1 Palo Santo

PLUS a cute moon cycles bag

Sorry, U.S only (Limited Stock!)