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Pisces Season: Go With The Flow

Pisces Season is the most mystical season of all! Pisces represents the ocean. It

is vast, limitless, and seems to connect everything. This is a time for healing. It

can show us where our deepest wounds lie and give us the tools to heal them.

This is a time to simply be. Become the witness of your life and watch your energy unfold!

Pisces Season encourages you to surrender into the flow of your life. It's a

reminder that we aren't in control but that we can learn to ride the waves with grace and ease.

Pisces energy gives you the opportunity to heal old wounds and find your power

within them. Feel into your heart this season. Where do you need compassion

and empathy? Know that your scars make you beautiful.

Pisces Season is also a time of heightened intuition, inner knowing, and psychic

power. Pisces reminds you that you are connected to the vastness of the

universe. You hold all the knowledge of the cosmos within you!

Release Control

Pisces season is all about going with the flow. It's important when going with the flow to tune into how you may be trying to control things. Some of these things may be your schedule, planning every detail.. attempting to hyper focus on or control things you don't have any control over.

As you start to get clear on what you have been controlling you can then start to release that control.

Understand that this control shows up as blocks in your manifestation. Recognize when it's in your best interest to be more flexible and release control to let magic in!


When we first start releasing control and going with the flow we can feel discomfort. Or even downright fear.

It's important to begin to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. If you've been hyper controlling multiple aspects of your life give yourself permission to release on at a time. Don't try to let go of everything all at once!

Here's some tips to help you let go:

  • Set an intention around