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Sagittarius Season Mantras

Sagittarius Season Mantras

Hello Cosmic Friends and happy Sagittarius season! Below are some mantras by sun sign that will help you throughout Sagittarius season.

Capricorn I allow myself to connect with others and exchange. I prepare for a new year by becoming aware of any attachments that may be holding me back.

Aquarius I align with the positive vibrations this season and focus on the energies that make me feel good. I give myself freedom to be me!

Pisces I give myself permission to exchange energy with others and also allow for time to replenish my own energy. I feel the serendipity of life and trust that all is evolving.

Libra I practice inner calm while focusing on the partners in my life who are the most joyful. This season I focus on those who matter most.

Scorpio I dig deep and explore my comfort zone this season. I trust my intuition to take leaps of faith that will expand and support me.

Sagittarius I am the life of the party and allow myself to have a good time during my birthday season! I am ready to take big leaps of faith and trust in my ability to find the silver lining of any situation!

Cancer I allow myself to replenish during this busy season. I follow my intuition and let it lead me to higher messages that help me decide on my next steps.

Leo I allow myself to express my hearts messages this season. I show up for myself and others and find joy in the spotlight.

Virgo I shake things up by allowing spontaneity in my life this season. I trust my intuition and that I always know what's best for me.

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Happy Sagittarius Season!