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Scorpio Season: Embracing Your Shadows

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Scorpio Season: Embracing Your Shadows

Happy Scorpio Season!

Scorpio season is a magical time that brings us the opportunity to face your deepest shadows, accept them and grow with them instead of avoiding them. This season teaches us to become your own shamans and alchemists as you travel to the deepest levels of your beings.

Scorpio inspires us to do the work on yourself for your own personal growth and evolution. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpio brings us face to face with the raw truth of your lives. It brings up the more challenging topics of existence you sometimes choose to ignore or push aside due to it being uncomfortable.

Scorpio season is an opportunity to do some deep shadow work before these energies meddle into your lives and block your highest intentions.


Your triggers are the biggest keys to finding your shadows.

When you experience an emotion that seems too large or out of place for the current situation, you may be peering into your shadow. A trigger may be anxiety or anger. It could also be pressure or being overwhelmed.

The key is that it doesn’t belong in the present moment. The present is actually triggering your shadow to react and be seen. A trigger can also be external such as a person or place.

When you dig deeper, you may find sadness or even grief as a primary shadow emotion. It all starts by figuring out what or who triggers reactions within you.


The people you judge the most teach you about your shadows. What you despise or reject in another person is simply a mirror for what you despise and reject in yourself. This pathway to your triggers can be a difficult one because it can be very challenging to admit you share common energies with the people who trigger you the most.

The key is to figure out what this person could teach or show you. What pieces of yourself are buried in this person and how can you accept them as part of yourself?


Scorpio energy is the energy of magic and mystery. Scorpio reminds you that you are the magician. You are the alchemist.

Something that has me fascinated is the ability to transmute energy. You have this power within you! Have you ever been in a terrible mood, and then noticed something funny about the situation… laughed and felt 100 x better? This is a power available to you at all times!

Practice transmuting energy today. Are there any current frequencies you are experiencing that you’d like to change? Set the intention and choose that new energy!

Shadow Work

Shadow work is the deepest work you can do on yourself. If you choose to leave out shadow work and focus on other modalities, you will end up in an infinite loop of repeating patterns. Only by going deep within and facing your darkest shadows can you then break conditioned patterns that block your highest potential.

Your shadow is where you place everything that is overwhelming, frightening, or intense when you originally experienced it.

As you work through your shadows throughout Scorpio Season, be honest with yourself. Be willing to see aspects of yourself that you would rather hide. Explore your emotions with curiosity and not judgment.

What is coming to the surface for you?

Download the Shadow Work Guide NOW!

Letting Go

Have you heard…. “You’ve just gotta let that stuff go!”

You may get a little annoyed at that. Like. No kidding. I know.


I felt like that for years. How do I let go of my shadow? How do I let go of my insecurities? My pain from my trauma and my past?

I’ve found that you can let it be easy. you can release your grip on the belief, the pain, or the past.

What are you ready to let go of?

Own your shadow

In order to fully unpack your shadows and take away their ability to subconsciously control you, you must own them. You must accept them as part of yourself and love them just like you do yourself. Your shadows represent your wounds, and they just want to be acknowledged and loved.

Owning your shadows are the only way to ensure they won’t sabotage your dreams, ruin your relationships, or take your energetic resources.

When you own your shadows you unlock the ability to manifest your dreams without internal blockages coming up. You begin to live from your authentic truth, and accept yourself.

Are you ready to own your shadows?


During Scorpio season, it is crucial to maintain inner balance and harmony. Meditating, nature bathing, doing things you enjoy such as reading a good book and making time to pamper yourself, and even a short retreat somewhere among nature can be very good ways to keep you feeling balanced.

It is easy to sink into the darkness of the season, so being wary can be very helpful. At the same time, you have the opportunity to discover much about yourself and others.

Giving yourself time to integrate the things you have learned this season is essential.

What can you do to nourish and refresh yourself?

To dive even deeper into Scorpio season (even if you aren't a Scorpio these are amazing to help guide you through Scorpio season) book a Scorpio Season Reading.

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