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Scorpio Season: Shadow Work

Updated: May 5, 2022

Scorpio Season allows us the opportunity to face our deepest shadows. This energy supports accepting our shadows and growing with them instead of away from them. At this time you get to be your own healer and travel to the deepest layer of your being! Courage to face your whole self and a willingness to be honest rules this season!

The Scorpio New Moon brings us intensity, magic, and an opportunity to transform our shadows into light. The new moon is a time for new beginnings! You may be able to tap into your intuition and get quiet and still during the new moon. Scorpio provides an energy of transformation. You may feel called to let go of the past and step into a new way of being right now. Take this time to bring your shadows to light and gently accept and let go of them. Whenever we let go of our shadow we are able to transform it into our strength.

Some keys to finding your shadow could be:

Noticing Triggers

Tuning into your triggers could be one of the easiest ways to find your shadows. Intense emotional and physical sensations can come up when our shadows are "poked." This could look like anxiety, frustration, or anger. It may also feel like pressure or overwhelm. Think of a trigger as a little nudge for deeper consideration.

Noticing Judgements

The people you judge the most can often teach you about your shadows. These qualities may be a mirror for what we don't like or reject about ourselves. This path to your shadow can be very challenging as it can be hard to admit that we share common energies with the people who trigger you the most.

After you've really tuned into what you'd like to shift you may be stuck wondering... OK... NOW WHAT? You may have heard "You've just got to let that stuff go!"

This can feel super annoying and not at all helpful. HOW?

Download the FREE Shadow Work Guide HERE for Step-By-Step instructions to finding and letting go of limiting beliefs.

Here's some tips!

Allow Yourself to Feel the Feelings

Shadow Work requires you to feel your emotions. Often, we try to distract ourselves from feeling. You may feel shame about your emotions or worry that they will be too intense. When you do this you create shadows instead of unpacking and release the things that bother you. During this season focus on being open to any emotion that comes up for you. If any of them become too difficult... take a break. You can always come back to them again later.

Own Your Shadow

In order to fully release your shadows... you must own them. you must accept them as a part of yourself and love them... just as the rest of you. This part of you may very well be wanting and needing acceptance. You get to live from your authentic truth when you learn how to accept all parts of yourself. In addition to this you give others to do the same!

Download the FREE Shadow Work Guide HERE for Step-By-Step instructions to finding and letting go of limiting beliefs.

Towards the end of Scorpio Season 2021 the Taurus Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) will encourage you to focus on your energetic body. This is a welcome break for those of you who are diving into shadow work this season. At this time you will be able to gain deep wisdom about yourself as you integrate, evolve, and find your center.

Take a break and really take in the lessons you've been learning in this season. Tune into simple pleasures in a calm state of quiet and reflection. From this place you will be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the eclipse.

Use the full moon to connect with yourself and the earth!

Happy Scorpio Season!



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