Self Love

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Fertility Friday


Your weekly tips to optimize Fertility!

Self Love

How you feel about yourself impacts how you treat your body, how you treat yourself, the choices that you make, and how you get along with others. Having a strong self love practice helps you feel good, reduces stress, and has a big impact on your fertility.


Affirmations can help you get deeply in touch with the truth of who you are. Try out an affirmation for self-love this week.

Tapping into a state of gratitude can really effect your sense of self love. Start a morning or evening gratitude practice!


Self Love Playlist

Maybe you are someone who resonates with music? If so, check out my self love playlist! You can create your own playlist and add the songs you like and also add songs that feel like self love to you! Cool trick - when you hear a love song sing it to yourself!


Self Love Tips

How do we increase our own self love?

  • Schedule in time for self care

  • Pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking about yourself. How do you talk about yourself to others? To yourself? Would you speak about a friend in the same way?


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