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July 14, 2022



Guest Post by: Sunnie Shae

Welcome, Welcome to this spectacular time of year when the moon is big, bountiful & beautiful thus is well are her energies for you to take in and bask in her nurturing lunar milk. It is time to shake off all your heavy and the transformational crap you’ve been neck deep in. Get ready to be light and airy, full of grace, adventure awaits you Dear One.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius will be another Super Full Moon known as the Strawberry Moon by the Algonquin people. This is when they knew that all off the wild strawberries would be ripe and ready for the picking. Since this magnificent Super Full Moon’s hue was also a deep pink to red like that of a strawberry, it became the Strawberry Moon. Traditionally, during this Full Moon phase, they would wait until it was at its biggest and brightest in the night sky to harvest the strawberries by the light of the moon.

This Super Full Moon also carries the name of Rose Moon, Berry Moon, Birth Moon and the Honey Moon; yes, this is the backstory lore of how the name of “Honeymoon” came to be in the month of June, which is now known as the Month of Marriages. Berries are bursting in abundance with their sweet juices and the first collection of Spring honey is bountiful. There is a lot of culture, symbolism & lore that has now became tradition in our lives today. These stories and ways of the Native’s to this land is the basis for today’s Farmer’s Almanac, a guide on hunting, planting, harvesting & foraging within the boundaries of Mother Nature.

As the Moon enters the sign of Sagittarius, one of the 3 fire signs, the sun still sits in Gemini, this brings forth luscious opportunities for you on a personal level. This is a sweet ripe season to take recognition of the moment laid before you. Think of EXPANSION. This is the opportunity to align yourself with letting go of old ways, looking outside of your comfort zone and taking that first step of faith into the great unknown. Now take another step. And another. Keep going.

Sagittarius is the ‘Sign of the Archer’, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, whose ample energies are pointing you toward the direction of expansion, to take that leap towards your fruitful happiness, progress, and triumph. With the encouragement of Sagittarius, the words of Expand/Expansion, think of towards the bigger picture, think outside your comfy box, look to the horizon of possibilities. Look back at last month’s Super Full Moon in Scorpio in conjunction of the Lunar Eclipse, what did you journal, learn and set forth for yourself? Take that and keep the memento going as we are still riding that Lunar Eclipse energy into November. However, think, “how can I use what I am working on and saturate it with Sagittarius’s juicy, succulent, lush energies”?

Since Sagittarius is the Archer, the Goddess Artemis has an ancient association & relationship with this astrological energy. She is the Huntress, a courageous and daring maiden. Imagine her holding her bow & arrow steadfast yet her grip is soft & supple- as she pulls back tightly and contracts her bow, her vision looking ahead, with deep courage, ambition, passion and a pinch of playfulness, she releases her fingers, her bow expands rapidly shooting her arrow of intentions towards its destination. This scenario of Artemis & her bow we can use to help guide us as we step out into the great unknown. Now everyone’s expansion or great unknown is different, that’s a given however, if you feel somewhat loose in your vision and not sure what direction to point your juicy arrow of intentions, here are a few areas of opportunities & possibilities to consider: Romance, Spiritual Path/Pilgrimage, Road Trip, Adventure, Cultural Immersion, and Creative Expressions. Use this sweet event as a catalyst towards taking a risk, pushing your edge and living life playfully. Try something new, I double dog dare you!

Below are several activities & suggestions you can incorporate into your Strawberry Super Full Moon in Sagittarius ritual & ceremony.

CLEANSE YOUR SPACE- Use Sage, Fir, Juniper, Palo Santo, Rosemary


  • What obstacles & challenges have taught me meaningful life lessons recently?

  • What positive qualities do I possess that I especially love about myself?

  • What am I most grateful for?