Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Fertility Friday


Your weekly tips to optimize Fertility!


Stress can come in many forms... Biological stress, emotional stress, and traumatic stress. Reducing these stress levels can have a huge impact on fertility


Restorative exercise can help manage stress. Exercise releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in our brains.

Taking a few minutes to breathe can have a huge impact on your stress response.


Now enrolling for the 10 week Natural Balance Group Program! Members receive:

  • Weekly Guide / Worksheets

  • Detailed Cleanse Instructions

  • Supplement List

  • Kickstart Ovulation Guide

  • Fertility Boosting Meal Plan

  • Target Specific Foods for Fertility

  • Cleanse Ingredient Idea List

  • Sample Cleanse Enhancing Activities

  • Sample Daily Cleanse Schedule

  • What are you hungry for Journal Prompts

  • Sample Cleanse Meal Plan

  • Cleanse Questions and Answers

  • Coping with Cleanse Challenges

  • Daily Cleanse Checklist

  • More than 30 Cleanse Recipes

  • Sample Cleanse Shopping List

  • 10 Weekly FB LIVE Coaching Calls where I will be guiding you through every step of the program


Stress Relief How to:

Make stress relief a part of your daily routine. Schedule it in and hold that time as sacred.

  • Restorative Exercise

  • Mindful Breathing

  • Stretching & rolling muscles

  • Meditation

  • Walking in nature

  • Massage

  • Scheduled Breaks


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