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Updated: Jul 12, 2022


July 13, 2022

“She was devoted to the moon. In its darkness she found comfort. In its light she found hope”.


Guest Post by: Sunnie Shae

Time to celebrate this wonderous energetic Super Full Moon in Capricorn.

This will be the largest Super Full Moon of the year due to the moon’s proximity to the earth. This means that there will be some big-time lunar energy rocking & rolling July 12-15th.

Art by Mystic Mamma

Throughout history the intense energy that the moon cultivates when it is at its fullest in the night sky like a pregnant mama ready to give birth, has brought about some crazy uncontained happenings. This is where the term, “lunacy” was derived from. The moon’s powerful energies affect people differently and how it is transmuted can be quite the scene.

To many Indigenous Tribes of North America, this moon is known as the Buck Moon due to the male deer growing their antlers, which become quite impressive after a few Buck Moons have passed. The name of Thunder Moon is contributed by the intense summer thunderstorms that take place during July.

In Norse Lore, the Super Full Moon is July was named the Mead Moon; the Gods appreciated some good Mead; since this is the time that the honey collected during the height of spring & has been fermenting would be yielding the first batches of Mead.

Because this labor of love was ready to drink & be merry, the Norse used this moon as a time for outside celebrations where enchantment spells & rituals for abundance and vigor would be taking place.

As this Super Capricorn Moon enters the Cancer Sun territory there will be some bold energetic shifts taking place that will be felt in several areas of life especially family, fertility, home, partnership (personal or career), ancestry & death (old to new). This may feel a bit too much, challenging and overwhelming or it can be the bolt of lightning you needed to push through much needed healing or current issues.

Capricorn energy is going to be that practical thinker & list maker in the otherwise “go with the flow” Cancer season. This can feel quite abrupt to many individuals. So, for those who are bit on the sensitive side of life, take head and make some preparations. Knowledge is power, thus if you equip yourself and set yourself up for success then more power to you.


“With the Sun in Cancer, it’s the time of the zodiac when we are concerned with nourishment, family, tribe, home, mother, food issues, the past, and our ancestral inheritance that means ancestral patterning as well.

What ancestral patterns are you carrying that you could be free of?

This is the time for their ritual healing…” -Pat Liles, Shamanic Healer

Sometimes, we do not understand the hurt, the suffering, the mother wound, the baggage we carry that is generational and passed down through DNA. Do you ever find yourself trying so damn hard time & time again and all you’ve done is spin your wheels and all you can think is, “where did I go wrong? What am I not doing right? I just don’t understand!” It may be energetic cords and healing that needs some attention. This is the perfect storm to put on some bad ass big girl panties with ruffles on (or not, naked works too) and get your hands dirty, step into that space and heal all of those who came before you and those who will come after you.

Be the catalyst of change.

Let’s begin with a 20-minute meditation by Elizabeth Shelton.

Listen to the meditation. Try to connect with your ancestor(s), cut cords, and feel more supported.

A second resource is a great video on, ‘Ancestral Clearing Ritual and Meditation for Primal Childhood Trauma, Rejection & Abandonment Wounds” by Abiola Abrams. In this 1hr Full Moon Ceremony Abiola focuses on clearing away unneeded burdens that are not yours to carry. I love her vibe.


With all the strict & practical attention fueled by Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, this Super Full Moon is also time for nourishment. One of the ways to nourish our bodies, mind & spirit is to actively do what feeds & soothes ourselves, which can mean focusing on Boundaries for self, family and society. This form of self-care fits perfectly with the coupling of the Cancer Sun & Capricorn Moon as Capricorn is known for the need of boundaries. Creating healthy boundaries in our lives cultivates a sense of balance, ease and accomplishment that we can feel good about. There are 6 areas that boundaries come into focus: physical, sexual, mental, emotional, financial and time/energy. In cultivating healthy boundaries, start by putting yourself in the middle of your bubble and what do you need to keep your bubble from being taken advantage of, worn thin or even violated? How can you use healthy boundaries to create flow in life?

“A boundary is a limit or space between you and the other person; a clear place where you begin, and the other person ends . . . The purpose of setting a healthy boundary is, of course, to protect and take good care of you” (n.d.).

Here is an easy read article from Positive Psychology on creating healthy boundaries.

Or, if you’d rather listen to a podcast on how to craft a spell for boundaries, here is one by Natalie Miller of Mind Witchery podcasts.

Remember that healthy boundaries are put in place as a form of protection they are not a mechanism/method to exert control over someone or some issue. You do you.

Here are a few examples of healthy boundaries for women:

1. Having personal space and privacy (every female needs an altar or 20, lol)

2. Communicating thoughts, feelings and needs

3. Not “saving the day”, and letting others be accountable for their actions

4. Deciding which problems are yours and those that belong to others

5. Saying NO when we do not, cannot, do or commit to something because of guilt


Full Moons are for releasing pent up crap that no longer serves your highest good & purpose. In order to manifest new intentions like we set on the New Moon, we must make space for them. Imagine your clothes closet having everything you’ve ever worn since high school, and you see an awesome outfit that would be perfect for a date with this hottie. Where would you hang it? Would it have to remain in the shopping bag or end up in a pile on the floor? No! So, we purge our used clothing from closet, give it gratitude for all the cool memories and off to the thrift store it goes. Now hang up that new outfit and rock it on that date or job interview.

Below are a few ways to help you purge & release that shit!

Burning Ritual

1. Cleanse your space with either white sage, cedar, rosemary, palo santo, copal, juniper

2. Gather several whole dry bay leaves or small thin pieces of paper & a pen/marker

3. A candle, a fireproof bowl, cup of water

4. Write down everything you are needing, willing & ready to LET GO OF-

(habits, fears, emotions, old patterns, relationships, job, negative harmful feelings)

5. Ask Spirit, the Universe, God, Jesus, Higher Power, the Goddess, Yahweh, Odin… to help you in releasing these attachments

6. BURN the bay leaves/paper (burning old love letters or photos or a nontoxic item that represents what you are releasing is also a good way to let go of what has been squatting way too long in your precious being.

7. Chant a release invocation:

With this bright full moon, I choose to cleanse myself and release all that no longer serves me. I release limiting beliefs. I release pain and suffering. I release fears, doubts, in securities. I release obstacles on my path. I release those relationships that no longer serve my highest good. I release situations and energies that no longer serve me. I now choose to release it all and ask for it to be transmuted by loving and healing light.

-Larissa Denenting, The Magic Healer

8. Now that you have done your releasing, the best mode of practice is to then call-in your personal power back to you:

I call all my energy back to me.

I call all my power back to me.

I call all my magic back to me.

Anything connected to me prospers.

All disconnections will not thrive on my vibration.

-Enchantress Unknown

9. Sit in silence and watch the smoke climb towards the universe to be recycled into useful energy

10. Take this time to journal, dance, cry… whatever comes up that feel a need to express.

11. Make sure the all the flames are extinguished and close with a Thank You.

Candle Ritual for Letting Go

Using a candle as a method of letting go can be used alone or in the ritual above.

Any Candle will do that has enough space to carve into it a Sigil or a few Sigils if need be. If you want to get a candle that is colored- brown is color associated with Capricorn & Tuesday.

1. Take your candle and using a sturdy nail carve into it your Sigil <- click here on how to create your own sigil

2. After you are done carving, you can take dirt or coffee grounds and rub into your sigil so it stands out.

3. If you want to take it up a notch, several drops of rosemary, cypress, lemongrass and/or juniper oil can be dropped onto and rubbed into the candle. If you do not have these essential oils, you can take a few drops of olive oil then take the herb form of the above and crush them using a mortar & pestle. Next, sprinkle the herbs on candle or roll candle in them on a plate… how ever you do it is perfect.

4. Now burn the candle and say the above Incantations and follow through to the end like in the Burning Ritual above.

Remember that any ritual you do depends on your intentions and not the colors or herbs you use. So, if you are stranded somewhere and need to perform a ritual, you can draw a sigil in the dirt or your mashed potatoes and light a match, use a lighter or your phone’s flashlight feature.


The word Death can bring about uneasy feelings especially if it comes up on a Tarot Spread (it’s the 13th card of the major arcana) or any type of card or symbol that represents death. This Super Full Moon in Capricorn brings with it the energy of death alongside many other aspects like home, career, love, relationships, fertility…

Actually, Death can be looked at as a “transition” phase: from old to new, from what once was to what it will be, rebirth, new growth, out with old and in with the new.

This aspect of the earthly Capricorn brings opportunity to BEGIN AGAIN! It implies an end, possibly of a relationship or interest, and therefore implies an increased sense of self-awareness. The card typically depicts the Grim Reaper, and when used for divination is often interpreted as signifying major changes in a person's life.

“You can think of the Death card as symbolizing a more metaphorical death, according to author, tarot reader and founder of Witchy Wellness Leah Vanderveldt. "This is a card of big changes, transformation, and, yes, endings," she says. "It's a big piece in the process of personal evolution, in which we release old patterns. It's a shedding of the skin aka, your ego, to grow into a new version of yourself."

Hold onto your seatbelts... Change is coming!









  • Goddess Pose/Deviasana

  • Side Lunge/Skandasana

  • Low Lunge/Anjaneyasana

  • Head to Knee Pose/Janusirsasana


  • Red Garnet

  • Tiger’s Eye

  • Rainbow Fluorite

  • And my favorite, Malachite


Gaia aka., Mother Nature

Naturally this is the Goddess most associated with The Full Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn’s element is earth and is a Cardinal sign.

A fabulous way to harness the energy of this Full Moon is to be outside in the “Belly of Gaia”, nature! This is seen since beginning of history to our current day as indigenous tribes and the Vikings/Norse celebrate outside with festivals, ceremonies under the Mead Moon


Devil Card- This zodiac sign of the Horned Mountain Goat is represented by the Devil. This is the 15th card of the Major Arcana cards and depicts Pan, the half goat natured god & half man and not Satan, which most people think. This card is usually associated with temptation and sexuality and feelings of being trapped or stuck as is seen on the card the two slaves being chained. What the two slaves fail to realize is that they can easily remove the chains and thus their enslavement lives within their own mind. Meaning, you are your own prison.

from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


Earth: formidable, grounded presence and a natural authority from being master of the physical plane.

Capricorn is also a Cardinal sign.

Cardinal Zodiac Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, & Capricorn

"Cardinal signs are the 'initiators' of the zodiac," says Stardust. "They represent a spark or idea. They also signify the beginning of the season." Cardinal signs are the zodiac's big ideas people.


I see Cancer, a water sign as emotional, creative and flowing where I see Capricorn, an earth sign as solid, grounding and steadfast. If you mix a little earth with a lot of water, you get mud puddles. If you add a little water to earth, you get mud pies. There is a balance between these two signs that is needed or else your water & earth will turn to restricting sludge. The way I see both these signs working in harmony is to have Capricorn earth energy as the solid strong supportive foundation for Cancer’s watery ways of devotion loyalty, and creative flow.

Like a River, Like a River, Like a River (in the singing voice of Bishop Briggs).

Here is one of my most favorite songs that I thought was a beautiful fit for this occasion.

Hope you enjoy. Woman: by Amber Lily




I was born on the auspicious day of Easter Sunday, April 6, 1969.

I am a Triple Fire: Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Leo Rising

I strive to be the kind of woman that I wish I had in my own life growing up.

I hold an Undergraduate Degree in Women Studies with a Post-Bac Certification in Facilitation and Health Wellness Coaching and a Masters in Integrative Health. I’m a registered 500hr Yoga Teacher with certifications in various aspects of the Yoga practice (tantra, prenatal, teen, *trauma-informed/sensitive, stand-up paddleboard, femme focused, partner etc.).

I hold a certification as a ‘Transformational Wise Woman Facilitator’ that which is steeped in ancient wisdom of sacred rituals & ceremonies. I also hold a current Oregon State Health & Esthetic license since 1998. And I’m currently working on my Vaginal (Yoni) Steaming certification.

I fill my cup by working with women aka. the sacred feminine (some men too) to help inspire them to unearth and rediscover their innate sense of self through yoga, meditation, movement, workshops, rituals and ceremonies; I help guide and facilitate others to find their true north, the “medicine” that resonates within.

I am a mother of 3 grown daughters, 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandbaby (due 12/ 2022). Yes, that made me a teen mom at age 14, grandmother at age 29 and a great gma at 53.

I grew up in a small high desert mountain town in California till age 19 where therein I moved us to Portland, Oregon. I raised my girls and went to college. Even though I have lived all over domestic & abroad, I still call Portland HOME.

I am culturally/sub-culturally aware and trauma-informed- sensitive.

We all have our stories or baggage that we carry. I honor mine as well as yours. I’ve been around the block of hard knocks a time or two. For transparency, I am here to let you know that I am a Survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault & Rape.

I know what the socio-economic structure of society looks & feels like and to live below the poverty line while being a single mother. There is no judgment here. I see you.

My purpose is to provide a safe space for others to learn, heal & grow through validation, somatic experiences, yoga, nature’s rhythms, love and laughter.

I was diagnosed (August 2020) with Multiple Sclerosis and Sjogren. It’s been crazy; however, I am determined to learn & use what I know holistically to keep these symptoms at bay.

Thus, I understand what it feels like when you do not feel well day after day, and you go from doctor to doctor alongside a plethora of websites trying to find the right code to feel better.

I am a teacher of yoga & facilitator of women’s holistic wellbeing, yet I am a student first and foremost- I am a lifelong learner who has a thirst for knowledge.

Crashing rock concerts & festival parties are my times to let loose & dance then I ground myself through my mantras & prayer.

Traveling & adventure seeking fuels my spirit while hiking & communing barefoot in nature heals my weary soul.

I think to myself, “When in doubt dance it out”.

I gather up sacred treasures from nature’s belly: precious crystals, stones, sticks, shells and moss.

My oracle & tarot cards guide me in finding clarity, to reveal to me that which I already know.

I love my coffee strong, my wine red and my nails black.

However, computer technology is my nemesis as is winged eyeliner and doing a handstand.

As a child, I would wander the fields for hours in search of the Faye.