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Updated: Jul 12, 2022


July 13, 2022

“She was devoted to the moon. In its darkness she found comfort. In its light she found hope”.


Guest Post by: Sunnie Shae

Time to celebrate this wonderous energetic Super Full Moon in Capricorn.

This will be the largest Super Full Moon of the year due to the moon’s proximity to the earth. This means that there will be some big-time lunar energy rocking & rolling July 12-15th.

Art by Mystic Mamma

Throughout history the intense energy that the moon cultivates when it is at its fullest in the night sky like a pregnant mama ready to give birth, has brought about some crazy uncontained happenings. This is where the term, “lunacy” was derived from. The moon’s powerful energies affect people differently and how it is transmuted can be quite the scene.

To many Indigenous Tribes of North America, this moon is known as the Buck Moon due to the male deer growing their antlers, which become quite impressive after a few Buck Moons have passed. The name of Thunder Moon is contributed by the intense summer thunderstorms that take place during July.

In Norse Lore, the Super Full Moon is July was named the Mead Moon; the Gods appreciated some good Mead; since this is the time that the honey collected during the height of spring & has been fermenting would be yielding the first batches of Mead.

Because this labor of love was ready to drink & be merry, the Norse used this moon as a time for outside celebrations where enchantment spells & rituals for abundance and vigor would be taking place.

As this Super Capricorn Moon enters the Cancer Sun territory there will be some bold energetic shifts taking place that will be felt in several areas of life especially family, fertility, home, partnership (personal or career), ancestry & death (old to new). This may feel a bit too much, challenging and overwhelming or it can be the bolt of lightning you needed to push through much needed healing or current issues.

Capricorn energy is going to be that practical thinker & list maker in the otherwise “go with the flow” Cancer season. This can feel quite abrupt to many individuals. So, for those who are bit on the sensitive side of life, take head and make some preparations. Knowledge is power, thus if you equip yourself and set yourself up for success then more power to you.


“With the Sun in Cancer, it’s the time of the zodiac when we are concerned with nourishment, family, tribe, home, mother, food issues, the past, and our ancestral inheritance that means ancestral patterning as well.

What ancestral patterns are you carrying that you could be free of?

This is the time for their ritual healing…” -Pat Liles, Shamanic Healer

Sometimes, we do not understand the hurt, the suffering, the mother wound, the baggage we carry that is generational and passed down through DNA. Do you ever find yourself trying so damn hard time & time again and all you’ve done is spin your wheels and all you can think is, “where did I go wrong? What am I not doing right? I just don’t understand!” It may be energetic cords and healing that needs some attention. This is the perfect storm to put on some bad ass big girl panties with ruffles on (or not, naked works too) and get your hands dirty, step into that space and heal all of those who came before you and those who will come after you.

Be the catalyst of change.