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Updated: Jun 10, 2022



Guest Post by: Sunnie Shae

We are heading into a powerful season of TRANSFORMATION with this upcoming Flowering Super* Full Moon, May 15/16th, 2022. This gorgeous reddish hued moon will be transitioning into the astrological sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a watery sign ruled by the planet Pluto, which is strongly familiar for its ability to cultivate change in the form of self-transformation. Pluto is also known as the planet of intensity, destruction, transformation, and rebirth. Scorpio is also secondarily ruled by Mars’ embers, which gives it a spark or a little extra zing. Mars has a reputation in the areas of desires, actions, energy, passion and sex.

What makes this Super-Duper Flowering or Budding* Full Moon in Scorpio even more intense is that there will be a Lunar* Eclipse taking place simultaneously. We are exactly opposite of the Beaver Super Full Moon in Taurus that will take place November 8, 2022, with the next Lunar Eclipse of this year. Thus, the energy of upcoming astrological events will remain active for the next 6 months.

The tryst of this alignment has been associated with the Egyptian Goddess MA ‘At, the Goddess of truth, justice, balance and order. She depicted with outstretched arms/wings and ostrich feathers adorning her head. She’s been linked with this (Full Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Eclipse) event throughout Egyptian history; reverence is given to MA ‘At when an individual is feeling in need of help to lighten a heavy heart or burden, in times of transformation, death and rebirth.

A Full Moon in Scorpio + Lunar Eclipse energy is the perfect epic cocktail to put into an accelerated action anything you have been desiring, dreaming, or wanting a change to occur but have yet to do anything and sat on it not sure when would be the right time, that “time” has arrived Dear One.

Let us pause right here and take a few deep breaths…

Go into your heart space. Be here a moment. Be honest with yourself and find the truth within.

Where are you feeling some dis-ease in the body, a place where there is not harmony and balance in your life? Perhaps there are areas in your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies that you feel strife or a struggle; perhaps feelings of unease & confliction knowing that whatever may be at play is not for you or by your doing. The time for you to choose what is best for you to live your life in balance & harmony is upon you. The fear, angst, the turmoil can be let go of and recycled into cultivating a change; this is the both the reason & the season of personal manifestation.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is here to help you navigate the watery ways of your transformation thus, you may manifest what you truly Desire, Require & Deserve…

Can you let go of the old to make way for the new? It is time to break negative cycles and heal yourself with the utmost slow nurturing of ways. It is also the time to PURGE. This purging may be getting rid of old friends and relationships, cleaning out your social media and address book. This purging will probably feel intense but that is the medicine… the purging of what once was is the healing energy that you are worthy of.

Think of your old ways & habits or those people, places or situations that no longer serve you like the skin of a snake. For a snake to continue to live and thrive, it must shed its old skin regardless of how uncomfortable and anxious the process may be, it is still done as so can you shed what version of you is old. Think of this Flowering Full Moon as just that a flower. Annual flowers are rooted & grounded underneath the cold earth and with enough water and warmth, they grow and bloom into their beautiful glory every year as a symbol of rebirth. You can be that snake or the flower shedding its old and blooming into the freshness of anew.

This is that season for you to fill up your cup until it runneth over. So, instead of focusing on what you may be lacking or the individuals that have been depleting you of your sparkle, turn your gaze towards luscious experiences and meaningful emotional exchanges. Since Scorpio’s energies are that of sex, intimacy, romance, sensuality and the sexual & excretory organs (including skin, lungs, kidneys) this could be the time you’ve been waiting for to take a relationship to the next level or to transform negative self-talk into ooey gooey self-love!

Think of a warm bath and a soothing massage with one another or to you by you.

When working with this upcoming energy, do not hold yourself back. Go for it. Give it your all. This momentum of the Flowering Full Moon in Scorpio ruled by Pluto & Mars in conjunction with the Lunar Eclipse is epic AF and will ensure that you not to fall back into old debilitating habits and ways that do not serve your greater self. Try to