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Tarot Basics: Unlocking the Secrets of the Cards

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Tarot Basics: Unlocking the Secrets of the Cards

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The world of tarot is a captivating realm, filled with symbolism, insight, and profound wisdom. Whether you're a beginner or simply curious about tarot, this blog post will serve as a guide to understanding the basics.

We'll explore the difference between tarot and oracle cards, delve into the history of tarot, provide tips for selecting your first deck, and offer guidance on how to shuffle the cards.

Join me on this enchanting journey as we uncover the magic of tarot.

Tarot vs. Oracle Cards: Understanding the Difference

Tarot and oracle cards are both powerful tools for divination and self-reflection, yet they differ in their structure and purpose.

Tarot cards follow a specific system, comprising 78 cards divided into Major Arcana (22 cards representing archetypal energies) and Minor Arcana (56 cards reflecting everyday experiences). They provide a comprehensive framework for exploration and guidance.

On the other hand, oracle cards are more diverse and versatile, often themed around specific topics or intentions, allowing for a more intuitive and personalized reading experience.

Unveiling the History of Tarot

The origins of tarot are shrouded in mystery, with various theories attributing its creation to ancient civilizations like Egypt and Atlantis. However, the modern tarot as we know it emerged in the 15th century in Europe. Originally used for playing games, tarot gradually gained recognition as a tool for divination and spiritual exploration. Today, tarot decks are cherished worldwide for their profound insights and ability to unlock the depths of our subconscious.

Tips for Selecting Your First Tarot Deck

Choosing the right tarot deck is a deeply personal process. Here are some tips to help you find a deck that resonates with you:

Connect with the Artwork

Explore different tarot decks and pay attention to the artwork. Choose a deck whose imagery and style evoke a sense of connection and inspiration. The visuals should speak to your intuition and reflect the energy you wish to invite into your readings.

Consider the Theme and Symbolism

Tarot decks come in a variety of themes, from traditional to modern, fantasy to nature-inspired. Consider your personal interests and the symbolism that resonates with you. Select a deck whose themes align with your spiritual path and areas of exploration.

Steer Clear of “pip” decks if you are a beginner

Tarot decks (especially fandom decks) tend to come with “pips” in their minor arcana cards. This means that there is not a visual image of the meaning of the card. This can make remembering the individual meanings of the cards difficult for beginners. If possible before picking a deck watch a full walk through on YOUTUBE.

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Read Reviews and Recommendations

Research decks that catch your interest and read reviews or seek recommendations from trusted sources. Listen to the experiences and insights of others who have worked with the deck you're considering. Their perspectives can provide valuable guidance in your decision-making process.

Trust Your Intuition

Ultimately, trust your intuition when selecting a tarot deck. Hold different decks in your hands, feel their energy, and pay attention to how they make you feel. Your intuition will guide you toward the deck that is most aligned with your energy and intention.

Tarot is a profound tool for self-reflection, guidance, and spiritual exploration. By understanding the difference between tarot and oracle cards, delving into the rich history of tarot, and following tips for selecting the right deck, you can embark on a transformative journey of unlocking the secrets of the cards. Remember to trust your intuition throughout the process, as it will lead you to the deck that resonates with your energy and intentions.

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