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Taurus Season: Abundance

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

From the fast-paced adventurous energy of Aries, we land in Taurus Season. Taurus is the calm after the storm. The quiet after the chaos... and a space for healing.

Taurus is ruled by Earth and the planet Venus... and it provides the energy needed to ground yourself and integrate your journey. It's a time to re-center your vision of what is most important and reminds you to rely on your inner compass.

Taurus encourages us to slow down, experience the whole moment, and to not overthink our next steps. There is a stillness in the air and we have time to process past events. Taurus season encourages us to connect with nature and feel held, understood, and safe.

Through the stillness of Taurus season you will find creativity and abundance. You may learn that when you feel secure in your energy, your creative expression rises from within.

This season you will attract what you need to continue your journey of creation... weather that is resources, financial support, time, or even love!

Taurus Higher Vibrations: Stillness, Nourishment, Stability, Creativity, Peace, Connection with nature, Abundance in all forms, Beauty

Taurus Lower Vibrations: Stubborn, Lazy, Indulgent


What helps you connect with inner stillness?

Taurus season invites us to find and honor the stillness within.When we do this we can ground in. We connect with serenity, strength and resiliency.

Here are some ideas to help you connect!

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Connecting with Nature

  • Breath work

How do you connect with stillness?


Taurus season teaches us and encourages us that when we become still and slow down, we are able to tap into our creativity.

Taurus is concerned about security and what helps us feel at ease.Taurus is the ruler of money making it a great time to focus on abundance.

Abundance may include money and financial wealth, but it can mean other things as well. Abundance can be ease, health, love and connection.

What does abundance mean to you?

Scarcity Mindset

A key to abundance and money mindset is releasing scarcity.

Scarcity is the opposite of abundance. Scarcity may have you believe that there are limits to what you can receive.

Scarcity may have you believe that you have to be "good enough" or "better than everyone else" to be wealthy or deserving of abundance.

Scarcity may have you competing over resources because you see them as limited. You may feel jealous of someone else's abundance thinking there may not be enough for you now.

  • Affirm right now that there is always enough.

  • Affirm right now that you deserve abundance.


Gratitude is a key element when it comes to abundance, The ascended masters and spiritual teachers have all spoken about the importance of gratitude!

When we express gratitude for the things we have the universe interprets that as an invitation for even MORE good!

A daily gratitude practice can do. so much for our mindset!

What are you grateful for?

Limiting Beliefs

How can you view yourself, others, and the universe can be the biggest block to abundance.

  • What beliefs do you have about abundance?

  • What beliefs do you have about others who are abundant?

  • Do you think you are worthy of abundance?

  • Do you believe that the Universe wants to share abundance with you?


Do you believe in miracles?

When it comes to abundance do you believe that it's something you have to work hard for?

What if you believed anything was possible?

What would that mean for manifesting your wildest dreams?


You ARE worthy of everything you desire!

A huge block to abundance and manifestation can be worthiness.

A strong sense of worthiness helps you when you run into challenges. It creates a sense of inner peace and gives you confidence in your abilities.

I use to think that I had to DO, BE or HAVE something to be worthy.

Worthy of:

  • Abundance

  • Love

  • Friends

  • Success

What would change for you if you believed in your own intrinsic worth?

What id you did, had and who you are had NOTHING to do with your worthiness?


Taurus Season is a season of beauty and grounding.

A practice that can be very grounding is embodiment.

Feel into your body. Notice the divine guidance you can tap into from this place.

Take time this season to really tap into your body.

What information is your body sharing with you?

Here are some affirmations to help you as well.

  • I am worthy of abundance in all forms

  • I can rely on myself when faced with a challenge

  • I am secure, I am protected, I am whole

  • I am aligned with abundance

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Happy Taurus Season!



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