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The Crystals of Leo Season: Paige Brewster

The Crystals of Leo Season: Paige Brewster

Guest Post by: Paige Brewster

Have you ever been walking across the landscape and found a beautiful stone gleaming on the path before you?

Likely, it was not just by chance that this occurred. Stones and crystals each have a unique energetic frequency. We each have our own frequency as well that runs through our chakras and meridians. Chances are, as you approach, the vibration of that stone aligned with yours enabling crystal healing to begin!

How do we harness crystal frequencies for everyday use?

Don't overthink it! Just like other natural beings such as trees and animals, crystals use energy and vibrations to help all things stay in balance. Once working with crystals, you will see how crystal energy can influence not only your chakras, but your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being as a whole.

Let us take a practical look at crystals that will aid our growth during Leo season. Throughout history, each crystal has proven itself to aid humanity in certain ways. It is necessary, however, to place intention when using each crystal or combination of crystals.

Powerful Crystals for Leo Season:

Citrine is formed when the iron in amethyst is heated by the earth to high temperatures. Although citrine has the ability to help align all of your chakras, it's main vibration focuses on the solar plexus or third chakra. It is a crystal for increased optimism and empowered manifesting. Citrine also aids in manifesting abundance and mental clarity.

Dalmation Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper is a wonderful addition to Leo Season. This stone specializes in reuniting us with our playful side and encourages us to seek out things that make us happy. It is also said to balance the yin and yang energies, uniting our spiritual realm with us mentally, physically and emotionally.


Pyrite is energetically linked to the Third Chakra or Solar Plexus. This "Fool's Gold" not only attracts wealth, but strengthens willpower and inner strength.


Sunstone connects with the Root and Sacral Chakras, one and two. It is a stone of pure enjoyment and perfect for growing intimacy with others...but especially with your partner.

You may wish to keep this stone on your bedside table!

Tigers Eye aligns the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra three. This is where our personal power forms. Yellow, red and blue Tigers Eye all promote balance and alleviate anxiety. Aides in mental clarity and ability to solve problems without emotional distractions from within.

Finally, Yellow Jasper helps protect during spiritual work. It aligns with the Sacral or Third Chakra encouraging discernment while communicating with others, and during travel.

Why do most of these resonate with the first three Chakras?

Leo Season encourages each of us to put aside the emotions of Cancer season and discover our strength's and those things that bring us joy. Confidence, will-power, strength, creativity. The very idea of who and what we are, reside in these areas.

Using crystals to balance and cleanse these particular areas, empowers you to work smarter, not harder...and develop around things that bring your soul joy.

Remember to make your intentions clear when using your crystals. The majority of those listed above also remove negative energy from you and your surroundings. Many others will also clean your aura.

Intentions will ensure that the crystals work precisely.

Add a touch of Clear Quartz to further enhance their energies. Most of all, be creative in how you display and carry them. Crystals are meant to enhance your life and bring you joy! Next time you see a stone gleaming on the path ahead...pick it up and add it to your display! It is a gift from the Universe for all of your hard work!

I'd love to invite you to Paige's Crystal Vision where you can see all of the crystals available and I'm here to answer any and all questions you may have.


Thank you Paige Brewster for sharing your magic! Thank you for being a guest on our blog.

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