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The Crystals Of Virgo Season

The Crystals of Virgo Season

Guest Blog Post By: Paige Brewster of Paige's Crystal Vision

The Lions gate Portal has closed and our manifestations are in the works! If you are anything like me you needed to take some time to decompress after that powerful energy! So, now what? Now, we forge ahead and determine what is going to influence those manifestations into being!

Enter Virgo Season! A time to reflect on our self-worth and identify rituals and patterns that will help our manifestations become reality. We have lots of tools at our disposal. We make charts or take classes, we meditate and crave the light of the full moon. But, let's not forget another of natures gifts. The crystals!

Here are a few crystals that will help us through Virgo season.

I Am Grounded

Smoky Quartz is very important to have this Virgo season. It helps you release negative energy and unwanted emotions. It is important to meditate with smoky quartz especially when you find yourself being critical or doubting yourself. It will stabilize and strengthen your energetic field while recycling your lower vibrations into the Earth.

I Am Clear

Dumortiorite centers your energy affording you patience while clarifying your vision. The strengths of this crystal are evenly matched with the higher frequencies of Virgo Season! Dumortiorite supports a true understanding and belief in yourself. Use while meditating or in your pocket when you feel overwhelmed or confused. It will help you access inner knowledge to help with any blocks concerning your decisions. Exciting that this crystal also protects against outside forces that distract you from your personal goals!

I Am Calm Amazonite centers your energetic field similar to Dumortiorite. However, this crystal helps you speak truth and clarity from your heart. Use Amazonite while meditating especially if you are stressed or processing too much information at once. It is highly useful when manifesting how your life will unfold since it provides calm during transitions and offers best case scenarios. Amazonite is the perfect crystal to keep nearby when you are planning, taking action on a goal or shifting phases as we are in Virgo season.