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The Power of Crystals: Paige Brewster

The Power of Crystals: Paige Brewster

Guest Post by: Paige's Crystal Vision

Hello Soul Family & those I have yet to meet!

My name is Paige and I am the instigator of Paige's Crystal Vision. My initial goal with my business was to share my love for crystals with others and make them affordable for anyone.

This post will be a story about how my love for crystals has become much more and is changing my life. Beginning as early as I can remember, I was very in tune with nature and was often caught smuggling shiny rocks from my Mom's rock garden! It was about that age that I experienced the first thumping and shadow person that I can remember. I explained it away as the Easter Bunny, but never forgot the "fear" of not being able to explain it. What I know now is that this experience caused me to disconnect with and fear my psychic gifts. This was the point in which I closed my Third Eye. So, where do the crystals come in?

The pandemic hit me hard as it did all of us.

I had spent 50 years keeping myself busy so as not to think about the shadows in my closet or how heavy all of the "backpacks" were I was carrying. The only thing I had to do was sit. This is the time I revitalized my love for Crystals and decided to take it a few steps further. After all, smuggling pretty rocks at this point in my life was frowned upon heavily! By this point in time I have been legally blind since the age of 10 and wrestled with multiple sclerosis for the past 25 years. Depression was a whole other animal at this point. I began shopping for Crystals online. Just the beauty of what mother nature could create amazed me. I began noticing the energy shift in the house and within me. This is when Paige's Crystal Vision was born. I originally created this business to occupy my time, give me something to do, and connect with others... but throughout this time it's become so much more!

About the same time I began working with Sunny. I will forever see this as one of the best decisions of my life. I enrolled in Sunny's 3 session program : Divine Feminine Creation. Winning this program was a sign from the Universe that I was on the right path! I found myself connecting with my intuition while surrounded by a growing and loving spiritual community. Suddenly, it was not a lonely road anymore!

The support of Sunny and our community along with working with crystals have helped me:

  • feel more grounded

  • stay in the present

  • connect with and trust my psychic gifts

  • appreciate the difficult situations of my past and see them in a different way

While these are the shifts I've seen with crystals... every person will experience their own unique changes, and I am so grateful to connect with them and provide them with their beautiful healing crystals!

How do I decide what to offer?

It is very important to me that all crystals that I offer are natural. Occasionally I will offer items, such as Agate, that are dyed. That is rare and always disclosed. It is also very important to me to provide high-quality crystals at affordable prices. I personally hand pick each item that I make available. I realized early on that if I love it, others will love it also.

Often I will purchase a crystal thinking I will keep it, and once I get it realize it is meant for someone else. This keeps me chasing! Whenever knows when a crystal will come into your life that matches the energy you never knew you were seeking.

What types of metaphysical items do I offer?

I offer a wide range of items, such as abalone shells, sage, Palo Santo, crystal carvings, crystal towers & spheres, sphere holders, and occasionally jewelry. One thing that I love about shopping for crystals is that there are always new stones and combinations of stones making themselves visible to the world!

Moon Cycle Confetti Magic Kit

I am currently offering a Moon Cycle Kit that I hope will urge the crystal lover to go one step further with their intentions. I have mixed together chips from Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite. Moonstone encourages new beginnings while rainbow moonstone helps us strengthen our intuition and psychic perception. Labradorite protects our aura and shields us from negative energy. Other supplies in the kit include three stones of selenite, one Palo Santo stick, one pink mangano triple moon dish, and one bottle of moon water from the latest full moon.

Among other things, Selenite provides clarity and elevates the spirit allowing the other Crystals to work with your Intentions. Moon water comes wrapped securely in a dark velvet bag to prevent light from neutralizing the moons affect. All items come in a beautiful blue velvet bag with sun and moon emblem. Basic kits are $24 and enhancements to this kit are available for anyone looking for a specific stone. Enhancement Stones will depend on size.

So, where do I go from here? I currently only sell on Facebook marketplace and host a Facebook group under PaigesCrystalVision. I am looking forward to preparing a website that will make it easier to sell and promote my items. I am also excited to begin training in Reiki in just a couple of weeks! This is just a tidbit of my story, but I hope you can see how influential the energy from Crystals can be. They cannot do it alone! It is important to know how to care for your Crystals and how to set intentions for their use. They love to be in the full moon and not all like to be in the water. Some enjoy sitting near your bed to help with your dreams, others protect the energy in a room. When asked where one should begin on their Crystal journey, I offer this: If you see a crystal and you cannot stop thinking about it, it is meant to be yours. Trust yourself and the crystal that if the connection is there you will find one another. They really can change your life.

To connect with me visit my LinkTree


Thank you Paige Brewster for sharing your magic! Thank you for being a guest on our blog.

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Sunny Sink

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