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The Power of Embodied Intuition: How to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The Power of Embodied Intuition: How to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

The Power of Embodied Intuition: How to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Did you know your intuition is always flowing? Sometimes, I come across people who say, “I’m not connected to my intuition.” The truth is… it’s here with you - and for you every minute of the day, and you can tap into it anytime. If you’re feeling stagnant and are struggling to hear it, you may be blocking it. This sometimes comes from a place of fear or distrust.

For a long time, I thought intuition was something that just happened.

I would notice that sometimes I would have a distinct feeling about a circumstance in my life like I had dreamed of it or experienced it before.

My entire perspective on intuition was transformed when one of my coaches mentioned that intuition could manifest in the form of thoughts. This concept had never crossed my mind, and it completely altered the way I viewed my intuition and my connection to it. This new understanding allowed me to deepen my relationship with my intuition and tap into its wisdom in ways I had never considered before. Instead of viewing my intuition as a “happy accident,” I began to develop a practice of assessing questions I could pose to myself. I made it a routine to ask myself each morning, “What can I do today to move one step closer to my goal?” This process of asking myself questions helped me recognize that I could utilize the wisdom of my intuition for my benefit. I started to realize that I don’t have to use it solely for significant things or when I’m seeking guidance. I can use it for every single thing I do.

So… what does embodying your intuition mean?

It’s the act of living from your intuition. It consists of two fundamental components. First, there’s intuition itself, which encompasses the messages that you’re receiving, whether it’s through visions, a sense of knowing, or a feeling in your body. Then, there's the following of your intuition. Living from your intuition is all about taking the knowledge and inspiration you receive from your intuition and embodying it.

This could mean eating foods that feel good to you and your body, spending time with people who you feel expansive around and who are aligned with you, and setting healthy boundaries. It could mean being authentic to yourself, your wants, and your needs. Living from your intuition means when you hear that nagging voice in the back of your mind about a decision that you are making - listening to it and giving it a spot at the table.

Staying in consistent communication with your intuition can keep you from feeling like a victim. This allows you to understand your power within each and every situation. Living in alignment can help you overcome fear more quickly because you aren’t suppressing your emotions and are fully present in each moment. Learning how to interpret and respond to your intuition helps you say yes to yourself and share with yourself very powerful self-love practices.

If you know that you’re ready to start embodying your intuition here are 3 suggestions to help you get started:

Open up your heart

The natural state of your heart is openness, but as you have gone through trauma and societal conditioning, you may have learned to close it, put up walls around it, and keep it protected. You can open it by practicing gratitude, focusing on joy and love, and trusting yourself and the universe.

Meet the fear

It’s important to notice the fear and forgive the thought. Notice if you start to beat yourself up for having a fear-based thought, and choose again from a place of love. Maybe your thought is “I don’t know if I should go to this event because there’s somebody there that I don’t like, and I’m afraid they’re going to treat me the same way they did last time”. Instead of looking at it with a lens of fear, you could say, “I love myself and I’m not going to put myself around this person.” Notice the fear and change it to a love-based thought.

Cultivate a relationship with yourself: spiritually, mentally, and physically

How do you feel about yourself? Do you love, honor, and respect yourself? Look into negative patterns of behavior towards yourself. Are you mistreating yourself? Are you treating yourself from a place that’s less than love? How do you respond to negative self-talk? Do you go down a spiral of further beating yourself up or do you catch yourself and redirect it? It’s also helpful to know your shadow self. Sometimes your shadow self is subconscious, other times it's not. You may be very conscious of a part of yourself, and try to hide from yourself or others due to shame. You can either start by embracing it or choose to shift it to what feels best for you.

In conclusion, intuition is not something that just happens; it is always with you and available for you to tap into at any moment. The challenge is to stay connected to it and not block it through fear or distrust. Embodied intuition means taking the knowledge and inspiration you receive from your intuition and living that knowledge. It is about following your intuition and aligning with your authentic self. This requires opening your heart, meeting your fears, and cultivating a relationship with yourself, spiritually, mentally, and physically. By embodying your intuition, you can overcome fear, release societal expectations and be your true self.

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