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Unveiling the Court Cards

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Unveiling the Court Cards: Exploring the Elemental Personalities in Tarot for Self-Discovery and Introspection

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Tarot cards are a useful tool for self-discovery and introspection. One of the essential components of a tarot deck - and one of the most difficult to learn - are the Court Cards. In this blog post, we will explore the Court Cards and their relationship with the elements.

There are 16 court cards in total. 4 for each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana. The 4 suits of the Minor Arcana are (Cups, Swords, Wands, & Pentacles).

Each of these Court Cards represent an element based on their suit and an element based on their court affiliation. So in addition to their suit element they also have an additional element.


represent routine, practicality, manifestation, and external surroundings. They are associated with the element of Earth.

represents intellect, thought, logic, communication, and mental activity. They correlate with the Air element.

are associated with the element of Water. They represent emotions, intuition, connection, relationships, and healing.

corresponds to the element of fire. Therefore, all cards that fall under this suit represent creativity, passion, drive, and intensity. Each card still contains the element represented by its type. For example, the Page of Wands has fire energy due to the type of suit it is (fire), and earth energy due to the type of card it is. It represents discovery, new passions and creativity.

Court Cards Suit Affiliations

Pages (Earth), Knights (Air), Queens (Water), and Kings (Fire)

So here are some examples of how you can use these elements together:

The Page of Cups is Earthy Water energy

The Knight of Pentacles is Airy Earth energy

The Queen of Wands is Watery Fire energy

The King of Swords is Fiery Air energy

In addition to the elements, the court cards tell a story of evolution within their suit.


Represent the beginning and the seed of an idea. They often allude to new opportunities and possibilities. There is a young energy and an energy of learning and new beginnings. Pulling a Page card means there is room for expansion and growth.


Represent action, confidence and determination. They are all about moving forward and progress. Drawing a Knight card means there is active change taking place.


Represent the progress that has been made and self-mastery. They represent comfort and nurturing energy. Drawing a Queen card means that the outcome of its suit is coming to fruition.


Complete the journey with the integration of all that has been learned on the journey. They represent the act of helping and guiding others. Pulling a King card signifies mastery of concept or area of one’s life and possible leadership within that specific suit.

In conclusion, the Court Cards of a tarot deck are a crucial tool for self-exploration and introspection. Understanding the meaning of each Court Card and its corresponding element can provide insights and guidance for personal growth and development.

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