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Virgo Season Mantras

Happy Virgo season! In this post I am sharing some Virgo Season mantras by sun sign. Feel free to use these throughout Virgo season, they are great reminders.

Aries: I embrace my unique gifts while grounding and connecting to my body. I am enjoying life's path unfolding in front of me.

Taurus: I feel into what needs to be healed for me to step into my worthiness.

Gemini: I recognize my gifts by seeking out people to guide me. I am open to learning about the gifts I'm meant to share with the world.

Cancer: I create routines that allow me to feel loved and supported. I connect to my intuition for healing and to grow.

Leo: I enjoy the world around me as I share my offerings with the world. I let joy recharge my spirit.

Virgo: I embrace my intuition and let it guide me on my path with ease and grace. I release any perfectionism and feel my worthiness.

Libra: I create routines and schedules that help me find balance.I share my voice with the world.

Scorpio: I feel into my intuition and create practices that help me understand who I am in the world.

Sagittarius: I experiment with methods of communications and share my positivity with the world.

Capricorn: I commit to practices that help me connect with my mind, body, and energy. I feel into my purpose and dedicate myself to something greater than myself.

Aquarius: My uniqueness and individuality are the gifts I share with the world. I speak my truth and share my visions.

Pisces: I am a channel for the Universe. I let it move through me, guide me. and connect me with my sense of purpose.

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