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Virgo Season: Realizing Your Self Worth

Virgo Season: Realizing Your Self Worth

From the fires of Leo Season, we enter the grounding energy of Virgo. Each zodiac sign brings us an array of vibrations and frequencies to work with in our daily lives.

It does not matter if you do not have Virgo predominantly in your chart, you can

still work with this energy to access and understand the parts of your personality that correlate with the frequency of Virgo. We all carry these frequencies within our energetic fields. This four-week Sun Season is the time to look at and develop them so they work for us instead of against us.

Virgo is the sign of the goddess. This divinely feminine energy can teach us many things about our power to heal, grow, and align with our intuition. All beings carry this energy, and it does not matter what gender you were assigned at birth—you still hold the feminine energy of Virgo and can work with her gifts. Virgo can teach

us all something unique about ourselves. This energy can teach us about our power

and, in turn, empower us to give ourselves to the world in a way that raises the world’s vibration.

Virgo is often called the sign of service, but it is so much more. Virgo teaches us how we can be of service by helping us find our gift. This is the energy we hold that no one else does. It is what makes us unique and creates the foundation of our unique offering to the world. To give our gift to others, we must make the journey from finding it, to accepting it, to giving it. Virgo can help us with this journey, and her season is the time to focus on what we have to offer others to help them heal, feel empowered, and ultimately contribute to the future of a more evolved society. We first have to start with ourselves, though.

Virgo Higher Vibrations: Healthy Habits, Projects, Organization, Cleaning, Service

Virgo Lower Vibrations: Perfectionism, Insecurity, Self-Doubt, Anxiousness


Virgo is one of the greatest healers of the zodiac. If you truly want a stable and strong foundation you must heal the cracks of the soul.

When we have unhealed trauma or grief from our past it distracts us, takes us off course, and brings us out of the present moment. Our wounds can call in situations from our past and create chaos in our lives.

While you may not be able to heal these past traumas in one night, putting some rituals in place can help you heal them over time.

Here are some healing practices you may want to add into your routine:

✨ Daily Journaling

✨ Meditation

✨ Creating and repeating Mantras

✨ Breathing Exercises

✨ Sound Healing

Rituals and Routines

Rituals and routines are the small things that we do each day with intention. The way we wake in the morning, the way we sip a cup of tea, the way that we journal- these are all rituals and routines.