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Shadow Work Guide

Shadow Work Guide


***Digital Download Available Immediately

Bring your shadows to light! During the process of spiritual awakening you may be feeling called to awken to a deeper level of awareness.


Part of this work is integrating the dark and the light. Shadow work is an often-intense healing process that makes the subconscious conscious. It is a tool that helps you shift patterns, beliefs, programming, and trauma in order to live with greater awareness and wholeness which brings for deeper levels of compassion and love.

In this Shadow Work Guide, you'll find work pages dedicated to helping you navigate the shadow all while being gentle with yourself. This guide includes:

-Step By Step Guide for Shadow Work
- Goal Setting
- Tips for working with your shadows
- Releasing Limiting Beliefs

-Shadow Work Tarot Spread

-Journal Pages
- 38 journaling prompts
and more!

Use this guide as a safe space to reflect and heal as you integrate the shadow back into love and the true wholeness. 

To read PDF files you might need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Download it for free here:

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