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“I have learned so much from Sunny, through meditation, the universe using her as a conduit for Oracle pulls, and personal readings to speak to me, but I've learned how to get back to the things that truly make my soul happy, and I have began living my life authentically ever after, and I am so thankful to the universe, Sunny for the guidance that I have needed“

When you join the High Priestess Tarot School, I teach you how to confidently read tarot without having to memorize all of the 78 card meanings. This unique membership offers an empowering journey into the realm of tarot reading, allowing you to tap into your intuition and develop a profound connection with the cards.


By joining our school, you'll gain access to comprehensive lessons, expert guidance, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Embrace the freedom to interpret tarot intuitively, as you explore the depths of each card, uncover hidden meanings, and unveil the wisdom they hold.

With High Priestess Tarot School, you'll discover a path to self-discovery, clarity, and personal transformation, all while honing your tarot reading skills and embracing the magic within.

In addition to our transformative High Priestess Tarot School membership, we offer a unique opportunity to jumpstart your tarot journey with our personalized one-on-one sessions. "Jumpstart Your Tarot Journey" is a tailored half-hour experience designed to help you identify any blocks or obstacles that may be hindering your progress, and guide you towards your next steps.

I will work closely with you to explore your individual goals, offering intuitive insights and practical guidance to deepen your understanding of the cards and enhance your reading abilities. Through this intimate session, you'll gain clarity, discover new perspectives, and unlock the keys to unlocking your tarot potential. Whether you're a beginner seeking a solid foundation or an experienced reader looking to break through a plateau, "Jumpstart Your Tarot Journey" is a transformative opportunity to accelerate your growth and embark on a fulfilling tarot path.

These coaching sessions are delivered over Zoom, so all you need is a quiet room and access to a screen. After you have booked your 1:1 coaching session with me, you will be sent your unique zoom link.

Wishing you the most successful tarot journey!

Jumpstart Your Tarot Journey: 30-Min Personalized Session


 Unlock your tarot potential with this exclusive 1:1 coaching session, tailored for beginners!

In just 30 minutes you'll get expert answers to your tarot questions, receive personal guidance for your learning path, identify and overcome any obstacles and gain a clear action plan for progress.


 During our half hour tarot training session, I will help you:

  • Get expert answers to your tarot questions.

  • Receive personal guidance for your learning path.

  • Identify and overcome any obstacles.

  • Gain a clear action plan for progress. 

Let's get you moving forward with a half hour tarot training session 

$50 Online Session

third eye.png

30 Minute Third Eye Activation Session

 Unlock your intuition and overcome any obstacles 

In this 30 minute session I will help you understand what can help you unlock your intuition and overcome any obstacles.  You gain a clear action guide for your progress and I will lead you through an intuitive meditation to help you to activate your third eye.


During our half hour session, I will help you:

  • Get expert guidance on unlocking your intuition.

  • Identify & overcome any obstacles.

  • Gain a clear action guide for progress.

  • Energetically unlock your third eye with an intuitive guided meditation. 

Let's unlock and activate your third eye with this half hour session 

$60 Online Session


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