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You’re open to magic, but uncertain how best to harness it

You dabble in astrology.


You’ve had some tarot readings.


Moon magic intrigues you.


Personal growth is important to you.


…But you’ve got a whole life to navigate.


Wouldn’t it be great to have one simple resource to support you in tapping into

cosmic energy daily?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have practical insight on how these energies apply to your life?


What if it was easy and FUN?

Welcome to The Astro Report

Each Monday, The Astro Report provides an all-inclusive container for your daily ritual and self-exploration, including:

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*Discounts available to Cosmic Expansion Member

What people are saying about The Astro Report

“I’m so glad I signed up! Being able to have something to do daily check ins with myself has helped my spiritual and emotional growth more than I can explain.”

“I love how this is something that builds. Like I can go back and see where the moon was that week and how I felt and compare it to when placements are the same. I’m looking forward to understanding myself on a deeper level. This is such an awesome tool.”

The cosmos are within your reach

Astrology can feel either disconnected from the very real challenges of life,

or too complicated to be useful.


The Weekly Astro Report was created to provide an easy and FUN container

for daily ritual and self-exploration.


The moon, stars, and cosmic energy were made for you - you are literally made of it!


Now you can tap in - with guidance and simple rituals each week.


Automatic Billing - Every 4 Weeks

cancel anytime

*Discounts available to Cosmic Expansion Members

Meet your cosmic friend, Sunny Sink

In Sunny’s darkest days she couldn’t imagine being known for her optimism. After 4 miscarriages, 2 ectopic pregnancies, lots of grief, and other loss, she felt overwhelming hopelessness.


Over time, she came to recognize that she was not broken, and that the universe was out to support her in feeling whole.


She embarked on a personal growth journey that tapped her back into her own unique energy and place in the cosmos. Now she’s committed to helping others on their journey. She created The Weekly Astro Report to make the energies of the moon, planets, and stars more accessible and fun.


“It feels like a daily check in with myself. Makes me feel stronger throughout the day. I have to be accountable to myself.”


“All of it has resonated with me and has made me understand myself more. I love it!”

The universe is at your fingertips

*Discounts available to Cosmic Expansion Member

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