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The Biggest Obstacle to Learning Tarot

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The biggest obstacle to learning tarot is perfectionism.

The biggest obstacle to learning tarot: featuring tarot cards, a candle, and a clock.

Perfectionism blocks growth in learning to read tarot. While tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth... learning to read the cards can be a daunting task.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with so many cards, meanings, and interpretations. Perfectionism shows up in tarot in many ways. You may want to know all the meanings right away and be able to interpret a card as soon as you pull it. Maybe you’re wondering how to do a “perfect” reading, and are feeling some frustration because you don’t feel 100% confident with the messages coming through. Fear of failure also might be coming up, so you are working hard to perfect your practice. Judgment from others might also be on your mind. You might be worried about what other fellow tarot readers will think if you don’t do it “perfectly”, or what people who don’t know anything about tarot might say.

Perfectionism leaves us frozen. Either we don’t start, or we do start and run into difficulties and then stop. We need to become connected to our intuition in order to read tarot, but intuition cannot exist with perfectionism. It blocks our intuition and doesn’t honor our magic. It also doesn’t allow the process of learning to take place.

If you have to be perfect at reading tarot now, what space do you have to learn?

One of the biggest things I did to overcome perfectionism is by using a mantra. “Done is better than perfect”.

This brings me so much relief! The truth is, perfectionism is a falsehood. Our intuition, our understanding of the meanings of the cards, and anything else in our lives: it’s never going to be perfect. When it comes to reading tarot, growth is better than perfect and learning is better than perfect.

Is there a voice in your head telling you to “be perfect”? Maybe it’s a parent or a teacher that instilled perfectionism in you. Name that voice and call it out! Give yourself permission to be a beginner. Change your mindset from “I need to know all the meanings of the cards” to “I get to learn my first keyword in the deck!”

Another part of overcoming perfectionism is to let go of other people’s opinions. One of my favorite quotes is “someone else’s opinion of me is not my business”. Not paying attention to what other people think of us gives us the freedom to be ourselves. We find out who truly supports us by allowing ourselves to take off the mask.

So instead of aiming for perfection with every reading.. set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. Focus on making progress and improving your skills over time. Break down the learning process into smaller, more manageable steps, such as mastering one card at a time.

Perfection is a large burden to carry. Expectations that come from perfectionism are harsh! The antithesis of this is love and compassion. Be patient with yourself and be sure to show yourself kindness throughout your tarot journey. You got this! 💗

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