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The Journey of the Fool

Updated: Apr 21

The Journey of the Fool is a metaphor for the journey through life.

The Fool's Journey is a metaphor for the journey through life. Each card of the Major Arcana represents a stage in the journey. In each stage, the Fool encounters challenges and gains greater knowledge of himself and the world around him. By knowing the story of the Fool, you will have a better understanding of each card of the Major Arcana and how they relate to each other.

The journey begins with the Fool. He is eager and ready to embrace whatever comes his way. He is unaware of any upcoming hardships and is taking a fresh and spontaneous approach.

He meets the Magician, who represents active, conscious awareness. He also meets the High Priestess, who represents unrealized potential. Both are equal in importance and in value. They are a package deal.

Next, the Fool meets the Empress. She portrays abundance, nature, and nurturing energy.

The Fool encounters the Emperor, who represents structure and authority.

The Fool crosses the Hierophant and is introduced to new forms of education and beliefs. He learns about community, conformity, and belonging.

The Fool yearns for the connection of a partnership. He feels the energy of unity and commitment in the form of the Lovers.

At this point, the Fool has developed his own identity. The Chariot represents the self-control he has learned through his own willpower.

The Fool encounters hardships throughout his journey. He relies on Strength to help him through difficulties. He learns the importance of patience and determination.

The Fool meets the Hermit, who represents the need to illuminate the truth. He takes time for reflection and introspection.

The Fool begins to see how things come together. He encounters the Wheel of Fortune, which symbolizes how he has discovered the harmony and interconnection of the universe. With gained wisdom, he is ready for new opportunities.

The time has come for the Fool to make important decisions based on his world vision. Justice teaches him he must take accountability for his actions and decide how he wants to move in the future.

As the Fool marches forward, he faces a difficult challenge and experiences a huge shift. He feels lost, but once he learns to surrender and release his desire for control, he begins to tune into the flow of life. He is the Hanged Man. His life has flipped, but he is at peace.

The Fool begins his transition into a new way of life, eliminating what no longer serves him: the Death of what his life used to look like.

The Fool has encountered a lot of ups and downs on his journey. Through Temperance, he discovers a balance and has a newfound appreciation for harmony and moderation.

The Fool meets the Devil. He represents materialism, greed, envy, despair, and ignorance. It is up to the Fool to decide how to proceed.

The Tower represents the ego the Fool has built around his inner self. In order to free himself, he must face the humility of his tower crumbling down.